2 ~ Watch dys movie episode ~

I invite you to watch Dys “movie episode”. None of the content produced is fictional. In fact, they are my real life scenes which play new ones on a daily basis.

I hereby remind readers:

The blog is not for name or fame

Nor any type of monetary gain

There are no ulterior motives

Only, a ton of greater objectives

It has been initiated solely to highlight:

1) The lack of neurological knowledge by many medical personnel regarding various rare diseases in South Africa.. The dire need for further research, treatments & resources.

2) To be instrumental in formulating changes for new rare disease patients walking the path in search for a diagnosis which is one of the most challenging aspects.

3) To create a supportive society..

To spread kindness through awareness..

To spread understanding & acceptance..

To share love, faith, & hope..

To create humor out of tough situations..

To empower one another..

To lay out the challenges we experience but also the miracles that unraveled from these difficulties transforming them into greater blessings

I will be sharing my experiences of life with multiple chronic illnesses forming a rare type of Dysautonomia which is life threatening…

For more info regarding Dysautonomia please click the link:


After hearing the term Dysautonomia for the first time.. Countless of people asked & up to date, some approach family members asking:

“Is she ok mentally?” (In terms of brain function, not emotionally)

“Did it make her slow or backwards?”

“Is she okay in her brain?”

People are generally concerned.. So to outline the difference, I remind:

Autonomic nerves carry signals from the brain to involuntary organs. Due to whichever reason the problem steps in when these nerves are damaged – transmission of signals are disrupted.

The brain in turn becomes affected in certain ways due to symptoms which develop from the damages of this electrical activity.

The problem is not the entire brain itself. So having Dysautonomia does not mean we’re mentally retarded!

We are normal just as you are, besides the fact that our bodies function differently & we rely on medication + treatment to live some kind of a life.

It should not be expected from us to live a 100% normal life because each individual’s level of disability differs.

Kindly keep in mind;

✔️ Questions, comments, advice & constructive criticism is most welcomed. I will filter through them and respond.

This blog is unlike the usual fiction type commonly read (by myself as well) so if you’re looking for that, sorry this is not the place.

If it becomes too “boring” for your liking, simply unfollow & do not read.. Life with chronic illness is very dramatic so I doubt it will become boring 😂

⚠️ Kindly refrain from any nasty comments.. Chronic illness is an ongoing battle we try our best to fight & win..

Generally in life each individual has their fair share of dealing with various types of negativity on a daily basis..

So before commenting hastily – Please think! is it necessary? Is it kind? Will it benefit?

Then go ahead and give your input.

⚠️ I am no professional blogger or writer, this is my first attempt at blogging but I will try my utmost best to make it a beneficial & worthy read.

* Posts will not be published every day considering work, health care & rest… I intend posting twice a week maximum. Thrice if readers are lucky.

* Kindly bare with me as I share an insight of waves

Swimming through its depth

Whilst fighting for every breath

⚠️ Due to brain fog, blurry vision & weak eye muscles… Phrasing, grammar & spelling may not be 100% correct. Kindly excuse errors. Common sense errors might not be realised.

Image quotes will be typed out below or above the picture to accommodate visually impaired readers. Their devices do not read out the writing on images as it does with ordinary typing.

Last but not least, the result of every action is based upon its intention..

I hope & pray this blog generates the results of my intentions

A warm welcome to one & all

Happy reading!!

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