4 ~ A promise never broken ~

This is not my writing, it’s an extract from another author (cannot recall who) I read it somewhere a while back & thought it’ll be good to share as a piece of motivation.

When you feeling low and your weakness begins to show causing tears to flow, remember your Lord knows

When no one understands, when worry & grief invades your land, then hurry in prayer & lift those hands

When you feel a strain, & you feel pain, when the worlds driving you insane, then in the remembrance of your Lord you should remain

When things go wrong & nothing makes you feel better not even your favorite song, keep strong, the time of difficulties won’t be long

When you face disappointments & due to sadness you feel you want to let go, then it’s time you held on & let your faith grow

{ My writings I added on }

It may take hours

It may take days

It may take weeks

It may take months

It may take years

But indeed! “After every difficulty there will be double ease”

A promise never broken

A solace for the broken hearted

A comfort to keep going

& above all a consolement for each individual undergoing any kind of trial.

Many people’s life stories bare testimony to this.. in upcoming posts I will relate my experiences which brought about these words.

Happy weekend to one & all 😊😊 Enjoy the “little” details life has to offer..

Aren’t we blessed more than we’re afflicted with 😉

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