13 ~ Not an end to the world ~

Don’t underestimate them

Don’t treat them indifferently

They are people blessed with talent

They never fail to amaze us

They teach us many lessons

They are inspiration in its entirety.

Who are they??

The visually impaired.

There are people who possess sight but remain oblivious to the sufferings of others. The world revolves around them & their families alone.

On the other hand, we have a blind lady who crochets accessories like hats, scarves etc.. Free of charge & sends it over to the destitute during winter months.

Contribution to humanity by a blind lady.

Once, I intended giving a gift to someone. Not having time to make my own handmade card, I requested her to do so on my behalf.. Here is the result according to the item gifted. Handmade all by herself.

Her mom is a dress designer.. She assists in cutting fabric & sewing trimmings onto wedding dresses. Her work is perfect to the T. Looking at one of those dresses, you’d never think a blind person had a share in it. I will post a picture some time soon for people to get an idea. Don’t have any on hand at the moment.

Mentioned previously regarding the digestion med called Digesterom – It is through her I was saved from a feeding tube.

And it is through her, productivity in life was handed back to me via the Dollarom & Cannabis oil blends.

Her aromastress drops is the only calming med I can take that does not cause a general anesthesia effect on my body & heart. Including Bach Essence Rescue night drops.

Along with her professor, they are the only 2 practicing Aromatology (ingesting aroma oils) in SA.

Trusted & qaulified. I emphasize on this point because some prescribe meds without any medical qaulification thus endangering the lives of others.

People may find her straight forward. Her nature is such. But her body carries a very soft, gentle & caring heart.

Her mom fought in bringing her up & granting the education she now possesses.

Aadi is a fighter too & she fights in helping me recieve deserved medical attention!

“What makes you different makes you beautiful” & Aadilahs lack of sight does just that!

Originally featured on Rare Diseases SA (RDSA)

[ 19 September 2017 ]

As part of #WorldRetinaWeek, we are very excited to bring you the story of Aadila.

Aadila hasn’t allowed her lack of sight to dictate what she can or cannot do in life – in fact, it has made her even more determined to follow her dreams & prove herself.

My name is

Aadila Skotnicky & i am 30 years of age.

Born 3 months earlier.. A premature of 6 months, I weighed 900 grams and could not breathe on my own. Had to be on a ventilator, respirator, IVs and a million other things.

There was a lot of complications but I’m here and the only thing as a result of the oxygen is the damage caused to my eyes. I was brought up like any other child… Rode bike with my cousins, played ball and a host of ordinary normal activities.

My mother made sure I got no special treatment from anyone. She put in all her time and took a lot of trouble to teach me what I needed to know to be independent.

I went to a school for the blind, matriculated and went on to studying holistic/medical aromatherapy. The closest to a doctor was my aim.

Fortunate to have achieved my aromatherapy diplomas internationally & locally. Swedish, baby and pregnancy massages. I am registered with the health professionals council of South Africa.

Did not get through my studies alone as I could not afford the fancy technology available nowadays. I relied on my mother, friends and family to write read and help me study but i loved the challenge it proposed and succeeded in it 😊

However due to my disability not regarded as such by me but everyone else, i could not find a job in my field or go in to private practice as everyone thought no eyes equals no brain and never took me seriously.

Got a job 6 years later at a library for the blind which came with it’s own challenges. I had to change and adapt everything to my needs but managed and have been there for the past 2 years.

June this year I began working for International Alt Medcare Clinic. Finally someone who took me seriously not judging my lack of sight. After 8 years I am blessed to fulfill a long envisioned dream.

I love my job as an Aromatherapist.. happiness brought through making a difference in the lives of others.

I have some faithful and loyal clients who stick it out and go through all they need to with me but cannot take all the credit. I am who I am and can do what I do due to my mothers efforts.

Although I face a few small challenges such as not being able to go anytime where I like – not being able to drive, some people still thinking I’m stupid, deaf, unable to talk, invisible, unable to count out drops when blending..

But I do not let them stand in my way and meet them head on. I’m at my happiest when given a challenge, love solving and over coming it.

Can’t see?? Not an end to the world, everything else works for me!!!

Each day we awaken opening 2 precious gifts 😁😁

Our eyes 👀

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  1. May Allah Ta’ala grant sister Aadila all the tools she needs to face her challenges and take her from strength to strength… Aameen… Thummah Aameen

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