19 ~ A luxury ~

A warm welcome to all the new local & international readers. Thanks very much for reading 😊 it means a lot!! I see you there 😉 Your presence on this blog is making its mark!

European Union; USA, UKBonjour / Hola / Hallo / Guten Tag / Ciao / Ola

Ireland – Dia Dhuit

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan Marhaba



& from South Africa known as the rainbow nation, I say to you a bright & cheery Hello / Hallo / Sawubona]

Value each breath taken involuntarily

Without having to save on any…

Because breathing easily

Is an undoubted luxury…

The chapter regarding my lungs will be delved into at a later stage.. Once it comes closer to the order of progression.

Initially I only needed oxygen whilst performing tasks during the day & at rest I was fine. That changed. After a few months I required it whilst sleeping. For the past 3 weeks I require it most of the time.

Journaling & blogging allows ample freedom of traveling on days like today when “traveling” a few steps speeds my 💙 in alarm mode.

Releasing the weight of an untold story enables healing

Whether it be in the form of journaling or blogging

Life develops newfound meaning

Via the channel of writing


Had to share 4 beautiful pictures of a special friend who’s on holiday at the coastal side of South Africa. She thought of me while “admiring the waves..”

Told her to swim a few on my behalf too 😂

Marveling indeed to note the fact that on days when fighting really hard.. There are always people placed along this path who add extra happiness, smiles & joy in the easiest yet most thoughtful of ways.

The Almighty extension of love is boundless.

It’s the “little” deep thoughts that mean so much to a chronically ill person 😊

4 thoughts on “19 ~ A luxury ~

  1. Hope the new treatment plans works for you and you get relief Insha Allah…Aameen

    You a brave soul💪

    Its always a pleasure reading your posts💗

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dia is mor dhuit Sis (means may ALLAH be more with you in Irish because I’m from Ireland) :)) Assalaamu ‘alaykoum wa rahmatu’LLAHi wa barakatuHu, I hope you are doing a bit better by the Permission of ALLAH Ukhti ❤🌹


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