23 ~ Feedback request ~

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening to everyone.. whichever part of the world you’re based 😀

Thank you very much for all the feedback & heart warming messages.

I’ve extracted & updated this morning’s post because it was not typed while in a normal, rested frame of mind.

Lesson learnt not to post immediately after a doctor’s appointment because my emotions lose control & gain the upper hand when I’m exhausted.

People were worriedly awaiting to hear what had occured so I rushed to type out a post instead of holding on a bit. Reassured it will not happen again.

However, honest feedback will be greatly appreciated.. By commenting on the post itself or privately if unsure how to comment directly…

Does not matter if it’s in my favor or not, I’m open to constructive criticism as stated in the introduction. The only thing I do not want is people arguing against each other’s opinion like I see happening often…

Some felt they preferred it that way – straight forward according to them, however another felt it inappropriate – which is agreed fully. Opinions are accepted either way. No offence taken.

So once again, apologies if anyone took offence.

Thank you very much for taking out the time to read, understand & comment.

Peace & blessings.

My neurologist is currently discussing the matter of going to Groote Schuur. Airline authorities will also be contacted requesting permission to fly once all arrangements go through and a confirmation is received…

After hearing whats been happening recently, he’s unsure if permission will be approved…

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