24 ~ A new reawakening ~


“Chest pains are probably because you’re anxious due to your symptoms” – Dr number 4 after consulting with Dr number 5 & 6.

⚠️ Many drs who examined me testified to the fact that no trace of anxiety was found.

Infact, a very good Neurologist in one hospital stated:

“You’re the most calm patient I’m seeing. Usually if I tell a patient “do this”, they do the opposite. When I examine their reflexes, they stiffen instead of relaxing it”

“We’ll do a 24 hour EEG (electroencephalogram) – test conducted to check for problems with the electrical activity of the brain. Conditions such as Epilepsy, Brain tumors, Dementia, Strokes etc are found via this test. “

There’s a tangle of mini electrodes that are stuck with glue into your head & 3 on the forehead. The glue is one mission to get out & washing it out took long. Mine’s was a portable one because I had it on for 24 hours.

A spaghetti of wires 👇

Inside the machine 👇

On the head👇

This dr conducted an EEG confusing my small fiber sensory neuropathic symptoms for epilepsy & another brain disorder called Tactile Hallucinations:

This would do as an explanation 😉👇

The recording of it is then printed out onto 7000 pages & read over a few days by a Neurologist.

Needless to say it gave me a horrendous migraine probably from the current being emitted & I returned home vomiting blood for a reason failed to perceive. It was later assumed that the bleeding may have been from recurrent ulcers.

Ring, ring, ring.. came the phone call 3 days after the test.

“Results are clear“.

Gratitude expressed.

“It’s a psychic disorder”.

No nerve conduction tests were conducted, on the basis that it’ll prove positive results for large fiber nerve damage only, which is correct. But again the question comes in.. Why is a punch biopsy or other tests to prove small fiber nerve damage not conducted?

No autonomic dysfunction tests were conducted either..

After all, this Dr found a back up in the form of neurologist number 1 to prove his psychic fact.

My question to them & the young neurologists in Gauteng who have their principles set incorrectly (those I’ve been to)

How is it accepted that no sequence of testing is followed to prove particular illnesses? Yet a psychic conclusion is made? If a psychic disorder conclusion is deduced after following the sequence of procedures it can be understood.

Instantly, headlines regarding this latest piece of news information regarding my condition was broadcasted..

The sky filled with masses of heavy, grey clouds looming above..

Showering thunderstorms, lightning & hail..

Comfort I sought in my lord.

Rain or sunshine, true friends stood at my side forming the shelter of an umbrella ☔ , allowing the rain to fall around.. so I do not become drenched.

The seas were rough. Faith was my life jacket. Life guards were those family members whos hands locked firmly, one into another.. Holding me steadily. An unbreakable chain assisting me in sailing, billow after billow.

Emergency back ups in the form of “strangers” who live miles away. Support was provided by people I never knew existed. Not once had it crossed my mind i’d cross paths with people afar & form unique bonds. A close bond built through illness is 1 of the most amazing relationships one experiences.

This was a very a very tormenting period along my journey of invisible illness….. Not many words needing to be told.

The darkest nights produce the brightest of stars; a quote often mentioned.

Atop the heavy clouds shone the sun ⛅ brightly through its rifts..

Directing me to a shore where a friend eagerly awaited my arrival..

Waiting to embrace me tightly..

Waiting for me to discover;

A new place to bury my troubles

A new adventure

New growth

New lessons

New strength, &

A new reawakening to the existing life within my soul. That is never-ending.

Welcome readers! Today I introduce you to my “friend” – neither a male nor female. A friend by the name of:


Exalted is the one who creates all types of pairs, from the earth, from themselves & from that which they do not know.

Lol all the facts stated on this pic are true besides introducing my plants on Facebook 😂😂

I have plants everywhere – outside the home, inside, as well as sets of gardening atire consisting of hats, aprons & gloves exactly as the lady is seen wearing. Not gumboots, because my feet ache in them.

Some names I forgot 😂🙈 The plants seem tiny in these 2 pictures but the aim is to create a slight idea for now…

We slip, we stumble, we fall.. But we are seeds that grow & bloom after being buried beneath the darkness & layers of soil.

A step by step tour through the reawakening unearthed in my little growing garden of beauty begins soon…

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