26 ~ Just keep swimming ~

I was stunned after reading her qoute to live by 👆thinking how aptly it co-incided with the blogs theme.

This post is dedicated to a dear, strong warrior unlike another of her type!!!! A warrior in a true sense of the meaning.

A lady who works hard playing the role of patient advocacy assisting her team to motivate & create a positive change for us in the world of Rare Diseases despite being ill & fighting ongoing tedious battles 24/7. She does more than words can express gratitude..

An advocate assisting us in sharing one another’s stories to create awareness.

A helper gathering people of the same diseases to link via social media & outdoor meetings.

Working hand in hand with medical professionals – patients.

An adviser & all in 1 “go-getter”

She gives us a voice. She gives us a platform.

She gives us understanding. She does everything with pleasure.

She is a “blend” of wonderful qaulities doing a lot more behind & in front of the scenes.

(Lol Megs, I use the term blend to relate because I know just how much you adore aromatherapy blends)

Tonight i introduce you to a lady who has made my world & the world’s of others living with rare diseases so much better!!

She has impacted our lives in many ways.

We wish to acknowledge the efforts of all she’s done thus far. Gifts & words cannot do full justice, but we want her to know everything is appreciated. It takes time & effort. For someone fighting huge battle’s, it cannot be an easy task but she perseveres & runs the show smoothly.

She is resilient but currently in hospital fighting with all the might one possibly can. Truth be told, it’s not always easy. There are moments where life makes you crumble & rumple. One issue ends, another begins.

Dearest Megan Toni Hunter:

We hope this finds you coping with life as you can. Your own stride & pace. Easy for us to say words, but you alone know what you’re going through. Please know, we are thinking & praying for you continuously.

I meant to introduce you to my readers during Myasthenia Gravis Awareness month, but thought that too long seeing your current situation. Now is the appropriate time.

You are in our very special thoughts. All the best of luck with your lung biopsy tomorrow. May all the strength needed contain no bounds.

May you reach a beautiful shore one day where difficulties will be alleviated & you are blessed with the best.

May these waves calm down & caress your being in a manner which allows an opportunity to enjoy life better as you desire!! Sending abundance of positive vibes…

This is the very least i could do hoping it will bring an extra smile to your face.

You face & cross these oceans gracefully, you’re a rare one. You’re the overcoming kind. You’re setting the correct legacy. You’re a part of the astounding, world changing few.

#soulscripts #authorunknown #slightlychanged #byme.

Incase you feel broken. I won’t tell you to have wonderful days. Instead I whisper these words: “Hold on however you can“.

“Hold on”;

A meaning you know many years longer than I do.

As the darkest days of pain & difficulty lessen, the sun will indefinitely rise again for you. One day. I pray.

This is a single post originally featured on RDSA’s blog (Rare Diseases South Africa) – Summarizing Megan’s story of her rare world👇

My journey with Myasthenia Gravis | Rare Diseases South Africa


What a story she tells..

Captivating, mind blowing, but undoubtedly touching!

This is her personal blog 👇. Worth every minute spent reading. My eyes were glued to the screen in awe when I began…


Diseases differ in nature but together we fortify strength swimming through different oceans. My oceans are not more important than yours.

A battle remains a battle no matter the type. No comparison drawn.

I see you

I witness you

I read your story

I share it

I gain a glimpse

I gain an insight

Yet not the full reality.

My hands extend towards yours. Please count on it. You are never alone.


[ 25th January 2018 ]

Blue for Megan today.


She is the one who assisted me in processing this personalized emergency cover.

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