33 ~ The rope suspended as hope ~

In yesterday’s post, mention was made – suspecting


Is when things are getting dire. & fluid fills and backs up into the air cells.

This eliminates the possibility for air exchange and a patient is pretty much drowning in their own fluid.

Fluid accumulates in the tissue and air spaces of the lungs. It leads to impaired gas exchange and may cause respiratory failure.

Usually I hear “crr crr crr” as my chest heaves up & down when breathing which is part of Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

Today its “grrr grrr grrr”

rhonchi – said a medic who always advises me wisely.

Sounds like a buggered tractor 🤭

Thanks very much to Senior Chief – Captain Bill who may be thousands of mile’s away but when I’m unable to recieve advice & help from drs locally, he always remains on call ready to assist whether it be urgent or general medical guidelines.

A hero in the world of medical personnel & a person who makes the world a better place to live! May you be blessed always.


Dyspnea means breathlessness, laboured breathing.

Tachypnea means abnormally rapid breathing.

Tachycardia, Cyanosis & Crackles have been discussed in previous chapters.

For a full explanation kindly click on the link 👇


Currently we’re discussing Pulmonary related issues.. Primary Pulmonary Hypertension was suspected. Many diseases symptoms mimic the other. Therefore the confusion.

My case in nature is complex so a particular diagnosis besides RDS in terms of pulmonary cannot be confirmed until various tests are conducted…

Tests? Our share sure hadn’t been enough in school & college days 😂

A body with a ‘unique’ type of a complicated 1000 piece puzzle placing most Drs in a muddle!

Seeking assistance with patience & prayer will bring forth the answers needed to hear so symptoms can be handled better.

Current situation has exacerbated so hospital Memoirs will resume next week god willing.

A Tubies Gastroparesis story will also be featured on Sunday to wind up Feeding Tube Awareness Week…

This blog is not only about myself. Instead, focus is on awareness of various diseases when it’s set days & months come along.

If there are stories or disease awareness blog links anyone wishes to share, please do. Send a message, email or comment. It will be most welcomed.

A picture shared from a dear friend & sister who sent this today 💙

I will be treated according to the expectations held regarding my Lord. Therefore, it is a requisite to cling onto the rope suspended as hope.

When hopes are dashed it is a mere test of faith…

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