39 ~ 3 words often heard ~

(This post is not in sequence with hospital memoirs. That was placed on hold due to a family demise)

(Kindly take note the images with information below have only been attached for people to understand better with my 50 cents of advice in between.

No self diagnosing involved.

I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Spasms by an elderly Cardiologist in May 2017 & have already mentioned most of what he explained to me back then – in chapter 18.

Diagnosis is extremely difficult in this regard but it will be discussed further when introducing the most informative blog I’ve stumbled across for women with heart disease.

Since there is a great lack of awareness which means a lack of symptom management I bring up the the topic in greater detail again before moving on to the next 2 diagnoses recieved)

“A partial heart attack? What are you talking? A 21 year old can never be having plaque / fatty deposits”

(also termed as atherosclerosis)

After explaining its Coronary Artery Spasms

“And what makes Dr so & so state such a diagnosis?”

Challenges this Dr unconvinced

“Artery spasms?”

Another Dr looks at me as if i was crazy & few screws loose upstairs ๐Ÿ˜‚


Know the difference:

1) Angina – Bare in mind, is not a condition of its own. Rather, a symptom from another disease.

2) Myocardial / Myocardium means muscular tissue of the heart.

3) Infarction means tissue which has been starved of oxygen resulting in tissue death.


See the difference between partial & complete prevention of blood flow with spasms VS obstruction with plaque ๐Ÿ‘‡

Every chest pain (angina) is NOT a heart attack so there’s no need to call medics immediately or freak out. Certain cases involving heart disease lead to heart attacks therefore caution has to be excercised.

Previously i discussed Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome in particular cases being associated with Coronary Artery Spasms.

However, it is important to note these 2 do not always interlink.

If a patient has Dysautonomia without MVPS, they may still experience chest pain.


Because function of the coronary arteries are “automatically / involuntarily” controlled by the “autonomic” nervous system.
So when this system is erupted according to the extent & severity, organs become dysfunctional or fail completely (malfunction).

Among them the heart when coronary arteries begin contracting abnormally.

To refresh the memory I attach this piece of information a second time because it is a factor rarely recognised & discussed. Infact, most commonly dismissed.


โš•๏ธ 1 & 2 are plaque related.

โš•๏ธ 3 & 4 are spasm related. I am categorized somewhere between these 2.

When the arteries spasm โ€“ If it restricts blood flow for some time, the heart muscle becomes irritated due to the restriction of blood supply to tissue.

Prolongation causes permanent damage.

Prognosis (foretelling what’s to be expected during the course of a disease) as stated below is good in certain cases & others, not!! It depends on the actual cause of angina.

My case has been documented as Atypical!!! When drs hear I experience angina during sleep (startled awake), at total rest, whilst relaxing & chilling.. They think I’m hallucinating or lost my brain.

Heart disease people generally relate to a certain extent but a point is reached where it should be understood; people who have type 3 & 4 whether it involves Dysautonomia or not, cannot undergo treatments, or try every medication taken by type 1 & 2.

Our management symptoms differ.

Example: Unless allergic or medication clashes, most can take this spray to prevent an emergency episode which stops breathing from leading to a heart attack.

On the other hand a famous mixture called “Artery unblock” – only allows type 1 & 2 to gain benefit.

We don’t have blockages & considered fortunate if the arteries dilate in response to prescribed medication.

On Monday I had an attack which was triggered by Sundays shock & a little exertion of bending over. The pain began slowly while moving then intensified bringing me to a halt.

Intensity lasted approximately 20-25 minutes if counted correctly. I could not move, only breathe lightly but holding breath in was easier which meant not complete constriction.


The first time in 15 months of living with Angina, my arteries did not dilate in response to any medication. Nitrolingual spray. Cayyenne Pepper with hot water & lemon. 0! Nil.

Please don’t get me wrong. It does not mean this attack was not angina. I know the difference very well between GP, indigestion, heartburn, acid etc…

If no response was received, that is a double factor indicator to show damaged nerves is the culprit causing mechanical failure so meds normally given, do not work effectively or not at all.

Example: You have an electronic game where alarms go off if you fail to meet the objective. If the battery is weak, the alarm may not go off. If the battery is defective it may damage the game [dysautonomia]. Only if the battery is fresh and all wires are attached properly – the game will work.

Cayyenne Pepper in hot water usually prevents angina from leading to a heart attack. This video was also posted in chapter 18.


In 60 crucial seconds.

According to Dr John Christopher, it can be done with a single move!

In 35 years of working with people & teaching he has never lost a patient on house calls.


Take a teaspoon of Cayyenne Pepper, put it in a cup of hot water with lemon & pour this cup of Cayyenne tea down the patient.

Within minutes the patient is up on his legs.

The warm tea acts in a way that opens up cell structure, makes it expand & accept the cayyenne very fast. Goes directly to the heart through the artery system & works faster than tablets, capsules, or any cold tea.

In this manner death repeatedly stares at us in the face every. single. day.
I close my eyes at night unsure if they will open the next morning, yet fervently praying they would.

When awakening I express immense gratitude for the gift of life & pray that any spasm during the course of the day does not lead to a full on heart attack.

Im not anxious, nor do i worry about it continously in a manner that consumes my mind because I live for the present & in the moment, enjoying life for all the “little” actually great beauties.

However, when an angina strikes severely preventing breathing causing vomiting & radiating pain along particular areas like the back, left arm & neck .. etc

My mind ambles

My mind roves & wonders….

For that temporary duration

Will this be 1 from among those passed attacks?

Or will it lead to an end of events?

An end to my life?

Will it be?

At the same time begging & pleading it does not! I’ve been through many major ones, each causing further cardiac detioration but miraculously, my life did not terminate through the grace of a merciful lord who answered those prayers allowing me to survive.

Frequent Coronary Artery Spasms over a lengthy period of time plays a role in weakening the cardiac muscle itself due to inadequate blood flow.

The weaker my muscle has become, the greater sensitivity & risk for heart attack due to angina lingering & triggering more often. 1 from among the reasons why I cannot talk loud for 3 full minutes. Other times even short soft whispers trigger a severe episode.

Writing, texting & blogging has become my main form of communication to the outside world, without technology i would barely be having any human interaction.

Technology makes normal people’s lives easier, but for people with disabilities it becomes a survival tool which we depend upon.

Please don’t shame us in this regard. Some use it as a “pass time”. I don’t have time to pass, I chase trying to catch more time. Time is valuable to waste.


*Me thinking*: This EKG looks suspect… Really weird…

Dr: I’ll do another copy because we’re using this machine on everyone else & it hasn’t showed these crazy patterns. Stay completely still. Dont move.

*Processing a third copy*

Dr: Something is definitely wrong with you but I can’t interprete these results. A senior dr will have to read it.

Sent home without checking whether it’s normal or not.

2 weeks later a senior Dr visited:

Upon looking at the results, his eyes widened trying not to make it very apparent but I was watching closely to determine his reaction.

This is an image of what a partial/ Lateral Infarction looks like. Death of muscle tissue involving a portion.

First part of the news did not shock me extremely bad because I figured that my heart was not in a good shape from symptoms. But the next 2 sentences spurred me on to grasping life tighter & faster…

No matter the circumstances or situation I am grateful. Extremely grateful. Each day of life presents a unique occasion of its own. Tears, sadness, smiles, happiness – each for a purpose of its own.

Lessons for me learned through no other experience!

Sow, cultivate & harvest deeds of everlasting rewards, for a day is yet to come… When there will be no tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “39 ~ 3 words often heard ~

  1. May Allah Ta’ala grant the Marhoom(deceased one) the highest stages of Jannah(Paradise) and may Allah Ta’ala grant Sabr Jameel to all those left behind. Aameen Thummah Aameen

    Jazakillaah for the super informative post as always. May Allah Ta’ala reward you for all the effort that was put in.Aameen

    I teared up at some point of this post๐Ÿ’”(maybe I’m just emo๐Ÿค”)

    My Du’aa for you is that one day Allah Ta’ala will grant you a total and complete recovery. Aameen Thummah Aameen(I know this sounds realllly absurd but I recently heard that we shouldn’t feel that our prayers are impossible to be answered)

    And for your current condition
    May Allah Ta’ala grant you total relief from your pains and always keep you with Aafiyah.. Aameen Thummah Aameen


    Liked by 1 person

    1. ุงู…ูŠู† ูŠุง ุฑุจ ุงู„ุนุงู„ู…ูŠู† to all your prayers.

      Lots of people get confused.. when I say I had angina attack, they think its a heart attack ๐Ÿ™ˆ so thought it necessary to bring this topic up – differentiating between the 2 further again before moving onto other diseases & diagnosis…

      Or comments like “I also have angina, must try this, that” etc..
      Everyone means well & I really appreciate the good thoughts but the categories need to be understood for the correct advice to be given.

      No you’re not! It takes real sincerity to feel for someone….

      Aameen. Definitely. That’s much appreciated because of course, what power would be left of prayer if we do it unconvinced it would not be accepted.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It doesn’t sound absurd, i definitely agree with that 100%.
      How many times we see people being cured from “incurable diseases”.


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