42 ~ Ripples of benefit ~

Being a Sunday, it was quiet overall. We were awoken a little later than the usual time.

A good day in terms of no major tests etc. Peace & still moments. Happiness seeing only wonderful visitors & having kind nurses around ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

๐Ÿ’‰ A dr came to take a fifth lot of bloods.

On the discharge day I was told:

“All blood results are normal

But when we took those same results to a hematologist, he stated I am anemic since recent.. Previous tests showed iron levels fine. The recent one was low..
Although iron is not something major as having another serious blood disease… Being told “it’s normal” was also a fault on their part.

โ€ข Dr Neurologist: How are you feeling?

That cough is gone really bad! Worse than when you were admitted. They need to check your chest properly.

I came in to see if the nerve conduction studies were performed already?

So sorry you’ll be spending Eid in hospital. That’s not nice because I’m sure you awaited its arrival. But what can we do now? There’ll be many more nicer eids to come your way.
He reassured sympathetically.

(Eid is a day of festival. Feasting, celebrating with family & friends after a month of fasting & worship)

As a matter of fact, I lost proper count which day, date, or month it was. Those days confined in hospital.. No energy to actually focus on anything else around besides ensuring your mind remains sane & working on thinking all positive things is also a continuous job.

Aaaaah! Those 9 fateful days…
No sunshine seen. Nothing. Not a beam. Not 1 ray of brightness. Hospital windows are tinted dark, & lights are switched on until night.

Time is gauged when nurses come around on duty to take blood pressure, give meals, medication etc…

But now time to create sunshine & cheers within a hospital environment.

Time to add “spice” & make every moments worth “savouring”!
Messaged my brother & requested him to kindly order 2 pizzas with a fizzy drink & bring it during visiting hours. Prior to that i inquired what were the nurses choices of food & drink…

Ordered accordingly.

If I could not eat all normal food let alone “unhealthy food”, it would be worthwhile granting others the joy of doing so.

Kindness creates a chain of inspiration.

Experiences with kind hearted nurses are rare… Give people the credit they deserve too!
These were from among the ones who became friends, comforted me, spoke about life, understood my feelings within a foreign environment, understood the challenges facing during those exact moments.
They shared their lives, their battles.. relating anything & everything. No judgements, no criticism, no mocking, no ill-feelings, no hatred, no cruelty, no racism, nothing despite being different.

The feeling of being one. One love from being human. A unique feeling!

So this is the picture seen on my bed before their party began



Seeing others happy, delighted my own soul. Enjoying THE moments. Just being. Troubles were made lighter. Smiles & laughter which made every day & night spent there worth the difficulty endured.
May these small, humble efforts be accepted.

I relate this for no other purpose apart from showing the point that bringing streaks of light into what appeared as a rather gloomy atmosphere could create beautiful ripples of benefit, which I might not see long term but know with conviction, it would be long lasting….

7 thoughts on “42 ~ Ripples of benefit ~

    1. Jazakillah Khair ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š May the Almighty reward you taking out time to read & the thought of commenting ๐Ÿ’™ I definitely appreciate the hugs!!!

      Sending them right back at you ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒท

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