56 ~ Fitting puzzling pieces ~

A hugggge thank you to everyone for the messages & comments regarding "Spoonie Biscotti" & other posts as well 😂😂😂😂 Really appreciate em! You gave me much needed chuckles after digesting somewhat heavy complicated, news last night... I've finally received desperate answer's from a trusted Dr who always provides honest, truthful opinions & advice! A … Continue reading 56 ~ Fitting puzzling pieces ~

54 ~ Foreign invaders ~

(continued from previous post) (I'm sure most know what the functions of our immune system are about, if not, kindly leave a comment Explained here briefly https://kayborninmay.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/42-swirling-clouds/ ) With LOW OR NO IMMUNE SYSTEM RESISTANCE & when a person has WEAK LUNGS OR A LUNG DISEASE. Protection & prevention against picking up germs being emitted … Continue reading 54 ~ Foreign invaders ~