51 ~ Never surrender ~

“Your usual kind of normal”

Has altered

Within me

A voice declared deeply.


Which part of my diseases could it be?


An answer then came forth slowly

From this body.


As time passes

My condition progresses.

On Sunday


7 minutes of walking a short distance made my 💙 flutter away

Forced to a halt I sat down

On the ground

Numbness, iciness

And quivering took over

Due to failure

Of adequate blood reaching the organs

On the verge of collapsing unconscious


(Image – Welcome may.

Miraculous ~ Amazements ~ Yonder)

O month of MAY

Symptoms; please be at bay

Sometimes for a short period, only,

I pray.

Rooted faith

It will not be this way


End of the day,

With a salient element

Of patience

And my lords assistance

I will remain resilient.

Speaking honestly


I feel torn apart

A pain in my heart..

Wondering how does it feel? to have a hearty conversation?

With no limitation

Or emergency situations

Foreboding & impending.

The dilemma of sitting in people’s company

Observe them talking freely

Walking with no boundary

Performing mundane activities ordinarily

Do they ever comprehend???

These are infinite bounties!!!

Albeit, join anyway

Family & friend times make me happy.

I mantain a principal

Of living in harmony

Not considering my illnesses enemies


An accepted companion who’s tactics are utilised for the better.

Please do not draw a comparison

Or champion positiveness,

I can never deny my lords favors

Which are tremendous

But certain instants are arduous

To hold every piece together

Merely being human in nature.

A poetry of pleas


Composed easily,

And simple

In fact


From witheld stifles

And shed snivels.

This is a cycle

Which momentarily makes us crumble

From holding strong

Too long.

Melt downs

Consisting of no sound

Silent howls


Gone & done

To these combats

Do not succumb.

Pull myself back up

Not dwelling in the rut.

Soldier am I?


Fighting to beat

A menacing threat of defeat.

Despite converses of whispers

Being a tiresome labour,

No matter the barriers

Never surrender

To loss

Until the scribes record

You are victorious


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