54 ~ Foreign invaders ~

(continued from previous post)

(I’m sure most know what the functions of our immune system are about, if not, kindly leave a comment

Explained here briefly

https://kayborninmay.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/42-swirling-clouds/ )


Protection & prevention against picking up germs being emitted around us is vital!

Our bodies are generally weaker than an able bodied person, therefore, has a tough time fighting off infections in the form of “foreign invaders”.

For some, these nasty microbes / bacteria pose to be life threatening as well.

Nature’s antimicrobial olive leaf extract drops is a powerful health tonic for me.

Potent & a savior.


🔶 Offers immune system support

🔶 A rich, natural source of antioxidants

🔶 Supports cardiovascular & reduces cholesterol + high blood pressure.

🔶 Potent antiviral properties

🔶 Antifungal properties

🔶 Anticancer properties.


Once the bottle got finish and like with all meds, i usually keep extra stock but completely forgot to take out a 2nd bottle, the entire week passed..

(Forgetfulness is nothing new by the way 😂🙈🙈🙈 Probably a part of my personality 😂)

Thought something is missing but no bell rang.

Until I went out to the mall, fever hit the next day, realisation dawned that I’d missed 8 days.

Promised myself not to forget taking it, *”unable to afford” such kind of pay backs with high fevers…

(*Not in monetary terms)

But as brain fog tricks & surprises us…

When that bottle finished, I forgot again… It so happened, we went out to a public place, after returning home the same occurence – burning fever for a couple of days.

Now mom keeps a double check on my basket of meds daily.

Alongside olive leaf extract, I take a dosage of raw materials buffered effervescent vitamin C most days to maintain a stronger immune resistance. Vitamin C also assists in raising low blood pressure & works as a rehidrat for people with Dysautonomia.

Stating from experience.

A new essential added to P & P is a mask 😷

Blue one attached which drs / nurses normally wear.

⚠Highlighting these guidelines to make the general public aware.

⚠ Please be more aware & cautious of the following facts:

⚠ If a family member at home or someone from outside comes in with the flu, its necessary for us to don the mask because within a short while of contact, bacteria is contracted…

Experienced this issue repeatedly until realising for myself the actual reason.

⚠ We kindly request people not to visit us chronically ill whilst they’re ill themselves or only pay a brief visit for few minutes;

⚠ If a sneeze / cough is effused in close proximity to us without the person covering their nose / mouth, it makes us want to yell!

– Hurtful dealing with statements like “oh now you want to act more smart or is that the latest fasion?” whereas our health holds first priority.

I haven’t dealt with reactions as this, by nature, im generally jovial & joky but statements have a manner, place & time too.

Smart gets thrown (as we say chucked) in, to make wearing a mask more exciting!

⚠ A flu ontop of Respiratory Distress Syndrome (excess fluid in the lungs) is no easy task whatsoever.

⚠ Double trouble.

⚠ Use every means possible, steam couple of times a day to clear nasal pathways, nasal sprays, rub the chest & keep it warm, yet breathing will be 1 of the hardest “chores”.

⚠ Not to mention the muscle aches & pains which neuropathy already causes daily.

⚠ Sometimes, us patients have to abstain from contact because we can pass on germs to others.

The reason why cautiousness is emphasized. This aspect is of utmost importance.

Vog mask company has wonderful masks designed which is much more comfortable & if someone has sensitive skin or allergies they even have it made in organic cotton 👇

Google Vog Mask South Africa & it’ll provide results, the main company is in Europe.

I find it also good to burn a few aromatherapy drops, keep the bedroom door / windows closed to gain maximum benefit by letting the fragrance fill the entire room without escaping.

Soy wax melts last me over a year!!!!! Water doesn’t work too well, sometimes popping a few bubbles out in air.. wax melts work wonders as a base oil.

If a burner is not child friendly then clicks & other stores have lots of mistifiers that are safely used with water.

Spearmint essential is high in antioxidants & useful for digestive as well as respiratory ailments.

Lemon essential oil invigorates the mind (you’d want that when feeling extra sick), a powerful immune booster, great for the digestive system & problem skins.

Other oils that help are ginger, eucalyptus, wintergreen, tea tree, & cinnamon. These are specialities for the winter months we’re currently in.

Following next is a kitchen discussion – related to chronic life though…food talk… Answering a question I’m confronted with often.

*Not gastroparesis related.

Thereafter the termination of hospital memoirs admission shall follow with a wrap of new recent revelations…

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