58 ~ The essence ~

Before judgements cascade ❕❗

I want to clearly clarify my purposes for the next 3 or so upcoming posts. As stated previously, weblog 2 is scheduled to resume after this 30 day break & will be, god-willing.

However, due to a result of questions & comments that have come in, it is necessary for me to do a little pertaining to this month…

❓ The scientific reasons for fasting as researched❔

🌷A few words of reassurance for those exempted due to particular reasons..

(After all, the blog is about anything pertaining to illness as well as advice from us to the able bodied)

🌹 And stories of encouragement from which all can derive benefit, not only the ill or those practicing this month.

Once again, they’re pertinent points I share as a reminder to myself firstly.

A soil modelled of inception & termination

Humbling oneself by bowing on terrain;

Shedding weighed down strains.

Al-Wadood (The All-Loving)

Gifted us Sujood!

Dare not, refute

For what the ego, suits.


How I miss your position

Of relaxation

And unequalled consolation 😭

What wouldn’t I do

To gain proximity to you?!



Heart felt, confidential conversations with thy nurturer

Who’s love exceeds our selfless mothers


The hours of fasting from dawn to dusk

And breaking with dates – a nutritional must.

Disciplines one’s lust

Removes internal rust.

We’ve lost the ploy

If nothing more

Than edibles are enjoyed


Wounds with rhyming verses to which past, current & future poets cannot rival

A suctioning tidal

Enclosing rhythms of survival


The soul these melodies

Being recited repeatedly

Never does it make us weary!

Let the effect reverberate throughout the anatomy

As blood flows through veins keeping organs existent functionally

Fortunate are those who fathom the essence

Seek forgiveness and derive lessons

Glad tidings oh bearers of chronic illnesses!

Who endure dual sacrifices

Unable to perform all these acts of righteousness

Palatial palaces

Of paradise awaits your presence

With perfusing fragrances

That will entrance your senses

A reception ushering congratulations

“Peace (safety) be upon you for the patience you evinced…”

Peace in stormy oceans❓❔

My sail lashed, at every angle..

Odds against me with every thought strategy…


I don’t know how you do it?

I’m questioned repeatedly…..

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