59 ~ Marvelous medical benefits – Part 1 ~

Kindly take note:

I not advocating or preaching regarding fasting to anyone! But since it is the month of fasting for us (Ramadhawn) & the blog is about health + illness…

I thought why not share these pieces of research that have been conducted – For those who are well & healthy enough…

Please don’t do as your mind feels if you’re not in the position…or instructed otherwise.

Always consult first with people appropriate to advise.

I’m also not in a position to fast, this is the second year of exemption because gastroparesis began during June 2016. Kept about 18 back then, had to eventually miss the rest!

As readers may have gauged from the previous post…

Only when siezed from the grip, do we realize the value of a bounty.

The marvelous benefits of training acquired by fasting the body & feeding the soul timeously


Researcher in the Scientific Miracle Committee

Many people believe that fasting has a negative effect on their health, and regard their bodies as mere machines which can only work with fuel.

There is an agreement that eating 3 meals a day is necessary to keep alive, & that missing a single meal can cause a great deal of harm.

This belief is a natural result of scientific ignorance of the nature our fast holds with benefits attached.

Below we shed some light on scientific miraculous aspects of the fast.

Some of the protective benefits against many diseases & health problems, both physical & psychological have been proved through medical research.

Fasting strengthens the immune system & protects the body against many diseases as it improves the functioning of the lymphatic cells by a factor of 10. It also increases the number of some antibodies in the blood, & stimulates the immune activity as a result of the increase in low density fatty proteins.

Protection against the disease & dangers of obesity, as obesity may be caused by environmental, psychological or social factors which may lead to a disorder in metabolizing food – by providing mental & psychological stability as the result of the atmosphere of faith that encompasses the fasting person with a great deal of worship.

Keeping negative emotions & tension in check, controlling desires & inclinations, directions get psychological & physical energy in positive & beneficial ways.

It protects the body against developing kidney stones because it raises the level of sodium in the blood, preventing crystallization of calcium.

Fasting protects the body against the dangers of the accumulation of toxins in the cells & tissues which results from eating food throughout the year, especially preserved & processed foods, taking medicine & breathing air that is polluted with these toxins.

🔴 There are some serious diseases in which they thought there was a fear of danger to the patient if he fasts.

💭 Doctors thought in the past, & still think that fasting affects patients with disease of the urinary tract, especially those who have stones or kidney failure, so advise their patients not to fast & consume a large amount of liquids.


As fasting may prevent formation of some stones & dissolve some minerals. It has never had any effect at all even on those who suffered the most serious disease of the urinary system, namely kidney failure with repeated dialysis.

It was believed that the relative loss of body fluids, reduction in heart rate & increase in tiredness during fasting had a negative effect on thrombosis, which is 1 of the most serious diseases.

But it has been proved again that our type of fast does not have that effect on patients who take proper doses of medicine.

Think this is it?

“Only a tip of the iceberg”

What’s more to come…

Will leave you spellbound as it left me in total amazement!

Who knew?

Fasting holds such significance from a medical point of view?!

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