60 ~ Marvelous medical benefits – Part 2 ~

It has been proved that fasting does not pose a danger to most diabetes patients, rather it may be beneficial for many of them.


Diseases resulting from obesity, such as atherosclerosis, blood pressure & some heart diseases.

■ It is a remedy for some Peripheral vascular diseases, such as raynauds disease & so on.

Raynauds Syndrome is a condition where the fingers, toes, ears & tip of the nose are commonly involved – feel numb & cool / cold in response to cold temperatures or stress. Often accompanied by changes in the color of the skin.

Sensitivity to cold or tenured sensation of touch

Lack of blood supply or pallor.

■ Continual (medical) fasting is a remedy for chronic rheumatoid infection.

■ A remedy for high gastric acidity, hence it helps healing stomach ulcers with suitable medicine.

■ It does not pose any danger to nursing mothers or pregnant women, it does not alter the chemical composition or cause any metabolic changes in the body of nursing mothers, during the early & middle months of pregnancy.

But they may be advised not to fast for the sake the nutrition of the fetus.


It enhances the processes of digestion & absorption in the digestive system & other connected functions in the most perfect & complete manner. This is done by not adding food & drink to the meal while it is being digested & absorbed.

● It allows the digestive system & other connected functions to rest, by refraining from consuming food & drink for a period that varies between 9 – 11 hours after the food has been absorbed. It also allows the mechanisms of absorption in the intestines to rest during this period.

● It enables cleansing of the intestines as a result of its continous work.

● It enables the endocrine glands that are connected to metabolic functions, during the period after absorption, to perform their functions of regulating & secreting vital hormones in the most perfect manner, by stimulating the on-off mechanism on a daily basis.

Thus balance is achieved between the hormones of opposite functions, such as growth hormone & insulin, which are hormones for building cells, glucagon & cortisol, which are hormones that destroy cells.

Thus the concentration of amino acids in the blood & yes metabolism depend on thrombosis subtle balance between these hormones.

● It stimulates the metabolism process or the metabolization of food in building & destroying glucose, fats & proteins in the blood, so that the metabolism may perform it’s functions in the best manner.

If the body is limited to building only, & it focuses on storing food, then the process of building will dominate the process of destruct, & the latter will be affected because of not being used properly & will be weakened gradually.

The signs of this appear when the body is exposed to sudden stress, such as lack of food in sickness or in health. In that case man may not be able to resist sickness.

(Mmmm how much of sense doesn’t all this make?!)

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