61 ~ Treasure your air supplier ~

Assalaamu Alaikum / Hi

I know there’s tons of messages left unreplied during this past 1 week…

Health did not permit due to many reasons & unforeseen circumstances..

Not because I’m negative.

*Roll eyes*

We become really exasperated receiving positive lectures from people who have no idea regarding the reality of the matter.

If we were not positive… Our lives would not have been fruitful like it is despite ongoing challenges.

A piece of wisdom from the lips of a great scholar

To fully understand the next 2 important updates everyone is awaiting. It is necessary to first understand the following;

Lungs: Each of the pair of organs situated within the rib cage, consisting of elastic sacs with branching passages into which air is drawn, so that oxygen can pass into the blood & carbon dioxide be removed.

Main passage airways are called bronchi. Once they become smaller & closer to lung tissue they’re called bronchioles which then evolve into air sacs called alveoli where oxygen & carbon dioxide exchange in the respiratory system.

Now what happens when there are “sounds” heard with a stethoscope?

What happens if excess fluid is retained in the lungs?

Hypothesis: We expect that the lung with fluid won’t expand as much as a lung without fluid.

Pulmonary Edema occurs when the alveoli fills up with excess fluid seeps out of the blood vessels in the lungs instead of air. This can cause problems with exchange of gas (oxygen & carbon dioxide).

Edema, in general, means swelling. This typically occurs when fluid from inside blood vessels seeps outside the blood vessel into the surrounding tissues, causing swelling.

This can happen either because of too much pressure in the blood vessel or not enough proteins in the blood stream to hold onto the fluid in the plasma (the part of blood that does not contain any blood cells)

The cause of fluid in the lungs is Pulmonary Edema typically filled with alveoli in the lungs by fluid leaking of out of the blood. Pulmonary Edema may be caused by a number of cardiac or non-cardiac conditions. Breathing difficulty is the main manifestation of Pulmonary Edema.

Side effects are: Shortness of breath, dry cough, or wet, pain, inability to lie flat, inability to exercise & the feeling of heaviness & tightness in the chest.

Related here 👇



Symptoms & treatment management have already been discussed briefly in the following chapter


And where is it suspected to fit in with me


Refresh the memory 👇


High Pitched

Heard during inspiration

Not cleared by cough




Course sounds / crackles – me

Like a snore

May clear with coughing. Yes.

Or suctioning (continous)

WHEEZEIn my case as well – detected yesterday.

Musical noise during inspiration / expiration

Usually louder during expiration


Have you paused just for a moment or two, to reflect over each breath given for free?

To jump in glee

Do as you please

Not a cent charged

Besides being asked

To fulfill our due part

On the illuminated path

Even though it may be hard

Endeavour to conquer

For success to be ours

At the deciding hour

How are you”

Everyone asks?

“Alive & breathing. Praises to my Lord under all circumstances.”

Can I say I’m well? No, because I’m not, but continue expressing gratitude. Favors supercede these trials. We are also granted immense tools to deal with every condition in life 😊 which is a huge boon alone.

Summarizing my current condition in a crux version of 4 sentences:

The pathways I tread

Flimsy cotton threads

Unknown, which step

Will cause it to snap.

As feeble these threads are..

I’m extremely grateful for all the morals it has taught

Learning the very hard way to count your breaths to prevent going “short” which is inevitable even whilst trying to save….

Every abhorred deed, leaves;

❌ Gossip

❌ Backbiting

❌ Minding other people’s affairs

❌ Interfering & “poking”


Not that I would take enjoyment in these things before, but now it’s something that doesn’t enter your mind in the least bit because you’re so occupied trying to utilise limited breaths in the most beneficial, necessary avenues possible…

They are too precious to be wasted on anything otherwise.

A common reality everywhere;

“What he’s doing?”

“Did you see how she’s living?”

Then envy sets in, not to mention the corruption created via 1 mouth to another.

When appreciating the breaths we’re blessed with, it’ll save us from getting caught in futile talk…

Yesterday is gone

Tomorrow is not guaranteed

We only have today

Let us begin

9 thoughts on “61 ~ Treasure your air supplier ~

  1. What great lessons ..
    Your life is similar to that of another person I learnt off
    He had cancer and then realised so much of how we suppose to live
    His name is Ali Banat , passed away this Ramadaan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jazakillah Khair for reading & commenting 💙 really appreciate it. Subhanallah, I followed Ali Banats story the day prior to his passing on… and hearing the news of demise left me reeling in shock. Having recieved 2 new diagnosis at the same time… I didn’t know which news to process..or all simultaneously. May the Almighty make his grave a garden from the gardens of paradise & exalt his ranks to the highest. So sorry for the long comment, I guess it’s just because although differing diseases, never in my entire 3 year journey had I ever related strongly to anyone’s life lessons with illness as much as with Ali. May the Almighty accept, keep us with sabr, steadfastness & be pleased with us ultimately. Aameen.

      Hope to publish a post for those who don’t know about him.. (those on the broader sphere don’t know..besides those within this circle of faith) and the extent of relation where each pain / progression serves purpose ان شاء الله

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Blown away ukhti. I read your comment on being confined to bed and writing about yourself and came here to check out your blog…such beautiful, deep words. You’re very talented mashaAllah. May Allah grant you sabr jameel to pass this test and grant you shifaa kaamilah aajilah❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jazakillah Khair – sooo much 💕💖
      I really appreciate your support, kind words, taking out time to read & the beautiful duaas. Aameen. May you be blessed with even more.

      I must say jazakillah Khair to you for your blog 😍😍👌 it really gives me a good place to go when I need a break from writing my own story, definitely a good distraction as well. The lessons aren’t restricted to a certain to a topic, it’s all encompassing for so many other aspects in life 💐

      احبك في الله


      1. Ameen thumma Ameen ❤
        I believe in giving credit where it’s deserved and your poetry! MashaAllah, I can never come up with such lovely words. It takes talent mashaAllah❤
        Ameen thumma Ameen ❤❤
        Ahabbakallathee ahbabtani lah

        Liked by 1 person

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