62 ~ Numerous suspects ~


《 28/05/2018 》

Pulmonary Embolism?”

Then she needs to have a scan & specific blood test called a “D Dimer” which checks for further formation of clots. Don’t delay, try to get this done asap with a referral letter from a Dr.

Stated my pharmacist.

Now? Who do we ask for a letter?

《 30/05/2018 》

Dad meets a family Dr in our locality early morning inquiring if he could do us this favor so that when meeting with my neurologist, it will also save time.

Being an anaesthetist by profession, he cannot but immediately calls another Dr to ask for assistance. This Dr is a specialist physician & readily agrees they both will come together 😊

Time is set for an examination at 9pm 🕘


Dr: Ok lay down flat please, let’s begin.

After a few minutes:

Cough, cough, cough….

Prop me up higher – coughing stops.

1) Blood pressure taken whilst laying

2) Blood pressure taken whilst sitting

Dr: Hey, there’s a significant decrease of blood pressure with postural change. Above 10 Mercury (mg) is a huge drop.

I don’t know what mercury implies when reading blood pressure but will inquire from my back up team information providers.

(- 1 of the key indicators to Dysautonomia is when there is a significant postural change of BP. Usually blood flow pulls up to the brain with gravity upon sitting or standing.

However, with Autonomic dysfunction, blood vessels constrict – disrupting normal flow causing pooling in the legs & feet – dizziness, fainting & palpitations occur as the heart tries to compensate.)

*Sethoscope on my back* : Now breathe in & out

After 3 short breaths he exclaims:

“I’m hearing course crackles. See? This blood pressure cuff closed. The sound the velcro makes whilst opening is what I hear in your lungs called course crackles.”

“Classical Pulmonary Edema symptoms” the other says.

“Her fingers.. They clearly clubbing

*See here & here*

They what???

I ask?

Dr: Clubbing are changes that occur around the toe & finger nails due to certain heart & lung diseases that reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood.

(They’re having a “party” 😂)

🔵 Nail beds soften & may seem to float instead of being firmly attached.

🔵 Nails form a sharper angle around the cuticle.

🔵 Last part of the finger may appear large or bulging.

🔵 The nail curves downwards looking like the round part of an upside-down spoon.

Dr: I suspect either of 3:

1) – Interstitial Lung Disease – Deep lung tissue becomes swollen & scarred making it difficult to get oxygen in the blood stream.

2)Pulmonary Fibrosis – Air sacs in the lungs become scarred & stiff making it difficult to breathe & get enough oxygen into the blood stream.

Fibrosis means scarring of tissue.

But we also can’t rule out:

3) – Bronchiectasis – Lung airways become damaged, widened & thickened, making it hard to clear mucus thus causing infection.

“And 1 lot of hemoptysis was clearly tinged yellow, indicating infection”

He continues..

Picture below is the actual reality behind the outward scenes of

But you don’t look sick”

(Quite sure olive leaf extract drops does an amazing job of saving me a much bigger complicated infection. Gratitude to mother nature)

Please comment if any of the above explanations are vague or confusing.

Hearing the above…

I declared: See? After all

“Shes” not a mad lady, “seeking attention” nor is it “in her mind” as continously accused 😤

(When hearing crrrr – grrrr as my chest heaves up down sometimes – as discussed previously)

Or maybe i invented a ketchup hemoptysis with a little mustard sauce squeezed to make it more exciting 😂😂😂

“We’re very concerned about all of this. How could the others deny these symptoms & call her a hypochondriac?!”

Way to go Dr’s, I salute you 😊😊😊

Dr: Bring her in to my rooms on Friday afternoon at 2:00 to investigate……… (yesterday)

After so many suspected diseases, which 1 is the culprit?

Or are there multiple culprits 😂

Can we kill them?!

In these situations metal & steel weapons are not used

Instead, a modus operandi consisting of powerful prayer, faith & prophetical recommended treatments are illness weapons…

Vital fundamentals to compliment necessary medication.

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