63 ~ Two culprits caught ~

Waiting with bated breath

Ready for this news???

Close eyes

Breathe in, out



2:15 PM

Glide in style lol

《 SCENE 1》

Dr types an overall medical history

Q & A.

《 SCENE 2》


The day before, course crackles were heard at the base of my lungs

Whereas today, whilst listening with the stethoscope, wheezing was heard on the top of my chest where our lungs begin…

What does that imply?

My lungs are so heavily filled that there is actually fluid around the top area as well! Not only the bottom.

No wonder it feels like I’m carrying a heavy weighted sack in the middle of my airway & a brick in either side of my lungs.

Whilst sitting & standing, gravity pulls the fluid to the lower extremities, but when laying flat, it fills the lung space completely preventing air – requiring an upright sleeping position.

First culprit caught;

Pulmonary Edema.


《 SCENE 3》

Dr: Suspiciously checks the jugular vein on the right side of my neck…

Rubbing either side in circling motions, examining with deep concentration but remaining weirdly silent.

A distended jugular vein indicates heart disorders like CHF, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension etc.

What is the job of our jugular vein?

To read further please click the link


Dr: clubbing is definitely here on your fingers…

Second culprit caught with an

《 ECG 》

Attached the leads onto my chest – top & below..

Arms, wrist, hands, ankles & feet – It’s the first time ECG leads were stuck onto these parts.


“This ECG is abnormal”

“Showing what we call Right Ventricular Strain”

“Let me ensure all the leads are in its correct place, we don’t want to be making a mistake unnecessarily”

“V3, v4, v5…. counting, counting, double checking

“All are in their correct place”

“The pattern continues abnormal

GOBSMACKED, I watch as dad’s face shrinks seeing the abnormal patterns.

Then pacing around the room as Dr observes the tracings worriedly.

“An ECG as this will never deceive us as opposed to other tests which can give a fake scare or few different results. This is a continous pattern of RVS.”

If she were a healthy, fit person we would’ve called it a different variant, but in her case it’s clearly showing abnormality of

Right Ventricular Strain (right heart strain) meaning the heart muscle of the right ventricle is deformed / enlarged.

(If readers recall, I explained previously that the heart has 2 upper chambers known as atrium & 2 lower chambers known as ventricles.)

Right Ventricular Strain is a result of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

OR Pulmonary Embolism

OR Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension that has lead to Pulmonary Embolism & right heart failure.

It can also be caused due to chronic lung disease, and infarction – heart attack on the right side of the heart muscle.

This came as a huge surprise because previously everything mostly revolved around the left side of my heart muscle.

4 chapters back Pulmonary Embolism has been explained.

And in January I wrote an article stating; an elderly senior retired pulmanologist who heard the onset of symptoms at that stage suspected Pulmonary Hypertension


As well as my neurologist in the following words

“Is this not the BIG PH we gotta investigate for?

Because it was just “suspected” we did not think it would become an actual reality glaring at us in the face.

Pulmonary Hypertension does not require much of an explanation because everyone knows the heart breaking story of Humayra Bodhania & her family.

In simple terms it’s a rare condition where lung arteries narrow, causing inadequate blood flow, creating a strain on the right side, as the heart now has to compensate for the decrease of oxygenated blood by working harder, in turn expanding, leading to right heart failure.

So…. the main question now? Which part has lead to what first?

My uneducated thoughts tell, this is quite simple;

The left side of my heart or as we say left ventricular failure (LVF) began March 2016, gradually progressing…

Causing Pulmonary Edema & Pulmonary Hypertension which then may have caused pressurized stress on the right ventricle leading to failure.

Who knew?

This would be a chain of links upon links;

Beginning with 1 interlinked condition of

Mitral Valve Prolapse with associated coronary artery spasms (Prinztmetal, microvascular angina),

turning into – left sided heart failure (LVF)


Adult Respiratory distress syndrome – partial heart attack

-(CHF) congestive heart failure of both sides

– Pulmonary Edema

– Pulmonary Embolism & highly suspected Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

Further tests & scans are to pursue for PH & formation of clots.

🔴 Angina threatens unexpectedly – even during sleep

🔴 CHF has a life expectancy

🔴 Pulmonary Edema is life threatening. Only confirmed now but interlinks with respiratory distress syndrome which was discovered first

🔴 Pulmonary Embolism is life threatening if a clot / clots lodge without coming out blocking complete blood flow

🔴 And well, my newly “suspected” visitor PH – life threatening as well.

I am still existent here???

All praises to my creator

For granting me ardour

On this trail of being a wayfarer

To him there is none greater

Encompassing grandeur

The only curer!!

Who’s power

Surpasses every Dr.

Whilst my health rapidly alters

Trusting the writing of an author

Who commits no error

Allows peace to enter

In the past I’d feel scared during severe angina attacks, cry a little seeing worse progression or being diagnosed with a new life endangering diagnosis

However, now…

I’m at a point where the word life threatening no longer “threatens” me.

Facing these conditions head on & reflecting perpetually?

For what purpose have they entered my life?

And what morals are they trying to teach me?

Definitely many!

(Yet to be related)

A striking realisation

Bodily destruction

Is soul construction

This perishable heart has been lended to me for an unknown duration

Know well, the soul shall continue traveling to its final destination

Let it be one of peaceful rest

Instead of despairing regret

The appointment continues…

(All these intricate complications were a lot to absorb, therefore it’s easier relating in 2 parts)

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