65 ~ A great escape ~

Narrative of Friday nights saga

《 8/06/2018 》

Our bodies speak by indications

I often tend to dismiss these notifications.

8:15 PM

Ignored the whispers

Until they turned into hollers

11:12 PM

Me; walking slowly to bed

Delightedly thinking! I sure can get,

Few hours of sleep

Will be a good reap.

Woah! A right lung

Seeks fun

Converting my thoughts

Into naught.

Watch out!

Tomorrows hopes, doubt.

Clutching my chest

Hoping for the best.

Screw-driving pain overtakes

Not fake.

Worse with a simple turn of exertion

Whilst keeping still, it remains adamant.

Breathing is agonising

Holding in, harrowing.

Air vanishes

As the knife slashes.

Time we cannot abuse

For blood flow to suffuse.

Sudden deranged coughing fits

Pink tinged streaks emit

A lung feels ripped.

Heart, beats erratic

With these tactics.

Classical clot signs

The body whines.

A dr cautioned us exactly

& ECG indicated clearly

Regarding this type of emergency.

Flashes of white quickly move through the right eye

Never will I dispute – why?!

Only: “Is this? My time to fly?”

With angel wings high in the sky?

Another part


Is there a longer future to buy?

1 more chance to prepare before I die?!

Perhaps it can dissolve with Bipap

Siblings get on a fast act

Please don’t confuse or accuse this for a panic attack!

Monitor blood pressure

Prior tea with strong ginger,

BP has dropped dangerously

Reading 73/54 warningly ⚠

No wonder, I feel wonky.

Sister hastily does a google search

For a savior to extend my presence on earth

Cayenne pepper, ginger, apple cider, turmeric

Which one will successfully do the trick?

Here 🍵 drink with a straw

Supplicating the blockage is penetrated like a saw.

Dear lord, please let it be potent

Save me from a hospital & insensible drs torments.

Working to kill this threat

The pain duplicates death.

Beseeching not to be dejected

An inaudible snivel for life is accepted.

After hours, the tugging tidal

Releases survival

《 09/06/2018 》

5:20 AM

Mom hides her shock of a suspected clot dare

Though, time mends the scare.

A wearied night

Spent in combat

To see morning light.

Dawn brought along

The beautiful gift of life

Make it a “like

And turn that is right

For 1 above comprising sight.

Feeling at ease

Finally a chance to sleep.

Deliverance from the block

Pulmonary Embolism plots.

Earnest gratification & prayers extend higher

Causing waves of serenity to splash over

Experiences are not written for pity

But solely

for all those who read

Deriving heed.

We ain’t sure

If the future

Will certainly bring “another” day

Therefore, with acts of goodness & kindness don’t delay

Planning does not always unfold according to our play

Because the Almighty determines for us his best way

In a seperate version:

With acts of good, do not procrastinate

As our final earthly meeting mate

Shall arrive on an unexpected date

No allowance to wait.


Eagerness or hate

Nil resistance from this fate

So aim for a terminate

Accompanying a sweet taste

ECG as related in chapter 63 & mentioned above; observe the abnormal patterns…

Compared to a normal resting ECG last year

Pulmonary Embolism has been related in the following chapter


And more tips to follow…

Bearing in mind, recovery after a clot is not a simple ideology of the clot being dissolved or gone!

“Its not just over”

Personally i havent, but a fear can develop of this ordeal happening again, & whilst he / she is grateful for having survived;

The symptoms experienced during those moments, after effects, shock that he / she faced at the risk of almost loosing life may take time to overcome…

Each individuals emotional strength differs, but that does not matter. Do whatever is necessary at your personal pace. Don’t let anyone rush the healing process.

Talking out the experience with someone you’re comfortable with / who is understanding / even better – a person who’s undergone the same / similar – assists faster. Better results will be felt within yourself.

Family members also undergo a series of emotion, in this regard understanding & support is appreciated by them too.

As well as a plan of precautionary steps ahead.

On a journey where dysfunctional nerves

Continously makes health matters worse

She is required to be fierce

And does not view it a curse

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