66 ~ An imperial, tranquil name ~


⚠ Difficulty breathing.

⚠ Chest pain that worsens with a deep cough.

⚠ Coughing, coughing up blood.

⚠Faster than normal or irregular heartbeat.

Seek immediate attention if you experience these signs or symptoms.


Doctors use anticoagulants, also known as blood thinners, to treat blood clots. Unlike the name suggests, these medications do not actually thin the blood, but slow the time it takes for blood to clot. They help to prevent clots from growing larger, and to prevent new clots from forming in most patients.

Blood clots can be safely treated!!!


** I’m not prescribing for anyone so please consult before taking anything to prevent medication clashes.

On Friday night when the incident occurred, mom was snoring in a deep sleep & dad is not home, luckily i had the phone in 1 hand & managed to send a shout out to my sister who called my brother & rushed to aid. He could not find moms fresh ginger so my sister told him to look for powder in the grocery cupboard. Thankfully he knew what it looks like & found it!!

Lol 😂 threw almost a 1/4 of the bottle in half a mug, it tasted horribly yuck, but when you’re in a desperate, dire situation of hanging between life & death… anything goes down, no fuss, what.

Whilst sipping, the pain intensified..

“Working to kill this threat

The pain duplicates death.”

But I guess that was the effect of the ginger working it’s way through by penetrating & dissolving the suspected clot. After the intensity passed, moderate pain lingered.. Then slowly cleared away on condition of no shuffling..

By around 1/2 pm Saturday I could move comfortably without feeling that lung portion blocked.

But severe breathlessness & exhaustion followed..

Mother earth definitely has life saving properties & why should it not?

(A chapter will be also dedicated to prophetical medicine.)

Confinement to a bed or wheelchair for long periods of time due to a hospital stay, injury, or illness increases blood clot risk.

Blood clots are the the leading cause of preventable hospital deaths in the US. Make sure all of your doctors know about your risk for blood clots & ask for a prevention plan.

Once you return home from the hospital, take all of your medications as prescribed & get up to move around. If confined to a bed or wheelchair, ask someone to help move your arms & legs.

Always search for information & help. I would not have known how important this aspect is, for me being confined with movements, had I not taken a look on sites to equip myself with necessary tools.

Sincerest gratitude to all the people striving to help others better their lives & improve patient treatment.

If a blood clot has affected your life, you don’t have to recover alone. Join an online peer-to-peer support community – National Blood Clot Alliance.

Be heard!!!

Because you’re worth it.

Think, I should emphasize that louder with letters;



Stay connected with StopTheClot on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

I stretched my hands to doctors for assistance?

Nothing obtained, apart from deafening silence!

In a sphere of “supposed” darkness,

Thoughts that cause restlessness

Will gradually evanasce

By placing total reliance

& engaging in remembrance

With 1 who afflicts illnesses.

When a swell appears

Or betrayal from peers

Streams defeated tears,

The devil’s whispers of fear

Moves into reverse gear,

Echoing in my ears

“It is all I hear”.

How wondrous

And miraculous?!

The “aaah” of pain

Coincides with the end of an imperial, tranquil name,

Perfusing through veins

Playing again & again.

When the sky rains

The mind he trains

To keep sane

And refrain

From complaints.

Eminence that remains

Before my sight

Creates light

Empowers this fight

Recharges might

Elevates spirit height

After each crashed flight.

Oh my lord, indeed

I am a destitute in need

Of whatever good

You allow to descend.

This poem is dedicated to a very special lady…

Featuring her soon!

God willing.

7 thoughts on “66 ~ An imperial, tranquil name ~

  1. Slms. Love reading your experiences and am impressed by how you handle your condition. You have a lovely, caring family too.Mashallah. May Allah give you more strength and complete shifa Aameen
    I’m in awe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wslm. Jazakillah so much for all those kind words sister .. Aameen, Aameen. I’m curious to know who you are.. excuse my little bit of inquisitiveness, lol no worries for remaining anonymous. May the Almighty also bless, keep you with Aafiyah & be your strength at any difficult moment I.A.
      Appreciate the supportive comment 💙


      1. Aameen to all your beautiful duas. I’m Sadia from Pretoria. I can’t remember how I happened upon your blog and started to follow it , I think it was a few months ago. Lovely blog. Keep on inspiring and motivating us …..
        Jazakallakhayr 🌷

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Jazakillah Khair sister Sadia for all the kind, motivating words. Much appreciated! May the Almighty accept. Glad to meet you over WordPress lol & jazakillah once again for taking out special time to read. Means a lot to me 💙💚


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