68 ~ Mountainous rewards – Part 2/2 ~


One name

A type of pain

Difficult to tame

Makes the body lame

And can drive a person insane

Every migraine that resembles a mountain crushing the head, is in actual fact, mountains of unthought rewards stored for the difficulties undergone & patience excercised


Please tell me what can my friend take for severe migraines?


In SA, thus far, personally for myself, i haven’t found any particular type of treatment to clear or prevent them completely from recurring, rather methods & steps that lessen the amount & intensity of attacks.

USA & other countries have various alternative migraine centers etc where there is quite a substantial proof of treatment successs. I haven’t read or researched yet what it involves..

Below is a a link discussing the origin, history & experiences related to my migraine background – ongoing weekly attacks for the 9th year now.


Here is a brief, overall recap + a few points that were excluded in the above link. Will also reblog a post from a Cheesefellow warrior pertaining to migraine tips.

The homeopath I’ve been to assisted me in finding my “triggers”

She stated there is an ingredient called Tyramine found in cheese & other food variables, the effects of which, are known to cause / trigger migraines.

Dividing the list into categories:

[ FOOD ]


Is formed from the breakdown of protein as foods age. Generally, the longer a high-protein food ages, the greater the tyramine content. Amount for tyramine in cheese differs due to the variations in processing, fermenting, aging, degradation, or even bacterial contamination.

The following types of cheeses have been reported to have a high content

⚫Blue cheeses ⚫Brie ⚫Cheddar ⚫English stilton ⚫Feta ⚫Gorgonzola ⚫Mozarella ⚫Muenster ⚫Parmesan ⚫Swiss

** Im allowed small amounts of white cheese, but yellow is a total no go.


** Is a nightmare. The only “non-trigger” chocolate is a homemade recipe with raw “cacoa powder, butter, honey, coconut oil, vanilla powder & nuts etc added according to taste.

People who aren’t dark chocolate lovers may find it bitter & unenjoyable. Though, it is a great mood booster & energizer.


** Not only as it is eaten for breakfast, but in other edibles that call for a high egg content; nougat etc.


** No clue why. Or probably forgot the reason.

❌Caffeine in the form of coffee or tea etc

** Green tea also contains natural caffeine so I stopped drinking it every day in continouity & alternate with others because the days skipped would make my head feels heavy & sore,

** Small amounts may improve a migraine. Too much caffeine or caffeine withdrawal can also provoke a migraine

❌Fizzy drinks & beverages alike

❌Alcohol – Not permitted in our religion as the harms outweigh any type of benefit so we steer clear & do not near it.

For those who do, here is a little piece of precaution provided by health line;

Blood flow to the brain increases when you drink alcohol. Some scientists blame the headache on impurities in alcohol or by-products produced as your body metabolizes alcohol.

Sulfites used as a preservative may also cause headache. The higher the Sulfite content, the greater the chance of developing a migraine. Alcohol also causes dehydration which may also cause migraine. Red wine, beer, whiskey, skotch & champagne are the most commonly identified headache triggers.

❌MSG – Monosodium Glutamate

** One of the main active ingredients in soy sauce, meat tenderise, asian foods, packaged goods; soup packets etc.

I abstain completely from these foods, don’t want to suffer the brunt of few minutes enjoyment.

⚠ Be aware of labeling such as hydrolyzed fat or hydrolyzed protein, natural preservatives, since these are terms used synonymously with MSG.


❌Artificial colorants




❌Hot dogs

❌Ham } we do not eat

❌Bacon } we do not eat

❌Lunch meats & deli-style meats


❌Processed meats

Heart medicines (like my cardiologist included nitroglycerin spray among them)


🔸Skipping meals – most importantly breakfast!

🔸Not drinking enough water / dehydration

🔸Lack of sleep

🔸Stress / shock


🔸Hormones / PMS

🔸Blood pressure fluctuations

🔸Blood sugar fluctuations


🔹Weather changes

🔹Bright lights

🔹Loud noises / rowdy crowds / blaring sounds

🔹Strong perfumes

🔹Certain smells; petrol, diesel…

🔹Air pollution / fumes


Chiropractic – discussed previously. Kindly contact me if more info is required. Beware of bogus qaulifications.

Accupuncture drastically improved mines – Dr Anwary in Fordsburg.

Reflexology – Please inform me if you know or find a good reflexologist lol. The 1 i spoke of, no longer practices.

⚠ For all the above treatments or any other type, please do me & do yourself a favor by ensuring the persons qaulifications are read properly.

If there is no signed, registered, authentic certificate hung or produced, remember, it may be questionable ❔❓

Beware of practices dishing out treatment & medical advice after learning “creche courses”. Nowadays lots of people are being duped. Because we’re desperate, we might take on anything – a lesson I learnt very well. Please do proper research, seek advice & pray for guidance before taking the first step into anything.


💊 Pegasus homeopathic migraine pillules – available at Dis-Chem pharmacies without requiring a prescription.

** They have a seperate one for headaches & a seperate one for migraines.

Ice packs during summer (wrapped in a cloth)

** Relieves the heat & associated pain.

Lavender & peppermint essential oil. Sometimes wintergreen also works.

Soil is my favorite brand.

** These are for headaches. Burning peppermint oil during a migraine reduces the level of nausea.

That’s about what I can think of for now. Hope this post helps.. Please feel free to add input. If more tips come to the fore, I will definitely share 😊

6 thoughts on “68 ~ Mountainous rewards – Part 2/2 ~

  1. Saw a migraine clinic one day while going to emmarentia…dunno if you heard of it…can’t remember properly think it was run by netcare…could be totally wrong though🙈🙈..

    Sorry for not commenting earlier somehow your posts don’t appear in my reader🤔🙈🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you are right… I saw it too but don’t think they do or specialize in alternative treatments etc… maybe if someone had an experience there, it would be nice to know. I think they do more tests & stuff like that, could be wrong though…that’s only what I was told lol so unsure of the authenticity. US & UK has some great therapy centres I believe…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I see….thought they would do all of that…
        Allah Ta’ala will make a means and way soon Insha Allah


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