73 ~ I have learnt ~

Eveyone is asking how I’m feeling & what’s the latest news regarding feedback from drs, because that’s where I stopped last with my current condition.

Out of his own accord & good will, he’d suggested to meet with us a day or 2 after Eid… as he was supposed to be JHB. (Originally from Cape Town.) The time was yet to be arranged..

Past 2 weeks – experiencing more noticeable cardiac changes – something new from the “normal-abnormal”.

Sorry, it’s difficult sending out personal updates so I typed a standard one.

Thank you for the concern!!

From here onwards, the sequence will slowly take a track back into hospital memoirs….

*** Excess fluid lung sounds can be hard to detect, depending on the cause. If you take a few strands of hair & rub them between your fingers, the subtle sound heard resembles a type of lung congestion. Sometimes difficult to pick up with a stethoscope.

– Explained by a medic.

In this instance, the Dr heard it easily & I myself hear it intermittently with no stethoscope. If someone were to put their ears to my chest whilst there’s complete silence around, they’d hear it too.

A respiratory physiologist from abroad advised me to be cautious with Pulmonary Edema (Not to be lazy with the water retention meds) because when lung air sacs overfill /overload, there is a major interference between the exchange of gases & carbon dioxide, resulting in a person “drowning” in their own excess water.

No moaning, only explaining!

MVPS as indicated below


Hemoptysis testing is cleared of TB

I was quite sure it would be

Remaining 2 results will take 4 weeks.

Now, I distinctly hear this new fashion

My mind has not forged a fabrication.

Lots of abnormal plops & gallops

A new rhythm my heart adopts.

Sprinting hoof beats of horses

Thumping of launching army forces.

On the left side

Where the MVPS lies.

How do i know?

There, cardios placed the probe

And explained the lingo.

If I whisper “a bit not too” much

This new symptom acts up.

An area on my neck pains

Only around the jugular vein.

From blood vessels, fluid seep

Laying absolutely still, I breathe

As my chest heaves

The crackles creak

Crrrr cccrr crrr cccrrrrr.

Loud congested sounds

Flooded lungs weigh me down

Forehead doesn’t crease with a frown

But a thought sporadically bounds,

Perchance I may drown?

Forming a boulder midway

Situated next to the airway.

Tough to make it budge

Forcing the body to trudge.

Progression is so real

Almost feels surreal.

Where is my main & only doctor?

Who recognises the trials I endure

None have an idea.

We’ve tried calling him, but to no avail

Every mobile number reaches voicemail

With my lords aid, never will I wail

Verily! Divine planning never fails.

Despite the impeding plight

It is an order of flawless insight.

I am not mistaken

Few aspects are certain;

Qouted from another poet:

I have learnt that he who at night finds tears

Dawns a new day to find abundant cheers

I have learnt that whatever life throws down our path

There is a supreme being that holds our heart

I have learnt of a mercy that lies with my creator

With that I realised there can be nothing greater

~ (Ml) Yusuf Omar ~

“Is he not sufficient for me?!”

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