78 ~ Stars draping our sky ~


What is the Mystery Blogger Award all about?

“This is an award for amazing bloggers with indigenous posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates.

They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get.

This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.”

– Okoto Enigma

*** To my new reader Haalah, this one is for you 👅👅 *hearty laugh*


1) Kara La France

An artist, graphic designer, Acromegaly rare warrior & health advocate.

With a truly captivating personality. The first time I came into contact with her via email, “an instant click” sounded aloud.

She is a beautiful & talented soul whos fingers also ran many miles in featuring my story on patient worthy – partners with Dysautonomia SC whilst sitting on her comfy sofa spot *teaser* lol.

Related here


You just gotta take few minutes to visit Kara’s blog or Instagram account @vivelafrancenc – her art is mind blowing ❤️💙

Here is a stunning ocean painting… If correct she said this 1 is still in progress but you’d never think!

Is it not WOW WOW WOW?!?!

Among her recent posts 👇


2) Carolyn Thomas

Author of the blog titled ~ Heart Sisters ~

Few months ago, in March or April mention was made of a supportive, educational & the best winning blog for women with heart illnesses.

Seriously Carolyn deserves more than just a 5 star rating or simple blogger award. She deserves a global award & worldwide recognition.

I’m forever grateful for ALL the helpful content graciously shared. There’s also a great deal of interaction between herself & readers that is sterling.

Whatever it is you may be looking for – her blog has it! Shes written golden treasures in book format available on Amazon.

If you’re searching for more than just clues & answers relating to heart conditions, click onto her link without wasting any time.

Thanks so much for equipping us the way you do 💕

Chose this link specifically because it is something I am working hard on.


3) Megan Toni Hunter

A Myasthenia Gravis warrior & ambassador for Rare Diseases SA.

I’ve already dedicated a post to Megan in the past & attached the link to her blog


We really appreciate all you do to build our rare community.

We appreciate the hardcore, sometimes backbreaking & exhausting efforts that allows our voices to echo & hold stronger grounds.

Please visit the RDSA website if you can or know of people who can be of greater assistance to Megan, Kelly & us.

Here is a brand new blog she’s been running for some time recently, featuring & encouraging our communities to support local & home business.

“Local is lekker”

Megan tries out places, products & items herself then posts honest reviews regarding them.

It may be what someone is looking for.

A particular post of hers that caught my interest is 1 regarding a lady who sews adorable pillows in different shapes according to choice. She created a happy recovery lung cushion for Megan.

Ideal for unique gifts, or if you’re someone like me that requires a trailer of cushions everywhere they sit & go *chuckles*.

In the link below Megan relates regarding a “super re-charging tea”. Please do poke around her website.


4) Sarah Marie

A warrior combating multiple chronic illnesses among them being Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia SYNDROME (POTS).

A condition of which most Dr’s are unaware. Will discuss at a later stage because it was only suspected in November 2017 so I’m heading towards that chapter slowly.

Some google the name then think it’s a simple decrease in volume of blood pressure upon standing, palpitations, fainting, “nothing major”.

She was also selected with the wego health awards 2018

An intelligent, brilliant, patient leader, advocate & motivater.

If you’re desperately searching for further info related to other disorders of the autonomic nervous system like POTS, she covers everything in an excellent manner based on all her experiences!!!

I cannot delve deep into all those branches because my case differs significantly.

Here is a link to 1 of her post. Whilst some aspects such as taking pieces of information with to a Dr’s appointment may not apply to everyone, her content overall deserves a huge applaud 👏👏👏




6) The DysautonomiaProject.Org

With due respect to the Dr’s out here whom the system has failed to educate correctly. Most South African medical personnel need to order boxes of these books…….!!!!!

Please do yourself & us patients a favor by visiting their website to save us all further diagnostic delays & treatments…

We’d truly appreciate more knowledgeable & skilled professionals in the field here. Especially gauteng!


7) Damarius

Honesty is 1 of her outstanding features that I admire.

She doesn’t hold back from saying as she feels, be it good or bad.



8) For people like myself who have survived a suspected or confirmed Pulmonary Embolism episode, the information, advice & patient stories shared in the 2 blogs below really helps us understand & be more vigilant of subtle warning signs, especially when being dismissed.

Recently Diagnosed? Start Here.

9) https://www.stoptheclot.org/kimberlys-story.htm


A lady stated she’s able to work a full time job, presuming she’s mildly symptomatic or has a well managed treatment plan…

So here I ask

1) Nominees on a broader spectrum: How do you balance studies, work.. Partially independent or entirely disabled? Have you been forced to reconsider a particular career?

2) How would you rate support from family members, peers – those that are healthy?

I pose this question because a patient recently stated most healthy individuals have their fingers in their ears. How then do we raise awareness when we’re only talking among ourselves?

💠 To follow up some statistics.

3) Are you on any type of disability benefit? If yes, was the process an easy one considering “invisible disability misconceptions” or do you feel health regulators need to alter a few conditions in this regard?

4) Have you found 1 or few new previously hidden blessings (or talents) within this journey?

5) How do you sarcastically reply to people who ask “the rolling eye” annoying questions?

(Besides those sincerely trying to learn)

On a specific note: Im extremely grateful to every single healthy / normal reader who takes out time from hectic schedules & busy lives to read my blog thereby gaining an insight to Life As We Know It in Kara’s words.

Reading is the first step towards education thereby creating transformation.

Please spare a bit of your time to honor these fierce combatants for supplying us with heavy duty, resistant shields.

Today we express our heartfelt appreciation to every single one of them for leveling this jagged pathway!

And once again to Mackenzie Cart Wright for initiating these wavelets.

To all the stars 🌟 draping our sky

Please continue glowing✨ high

Light, love & peace 🌷🌺🌻🌼

8 thoughts on “78 ~ Stars draping our sky ~

  1. Thank you Kay! I love your words, strength and TRUST! I’m blessed to have found you. …and no the painting is not finished. lol. But who knows how much different it will appear to you when it’s done. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pleasure ❣️

      Though, I was a bit rude.. Supposed to have given you a proper welcome but my my brain was dried up at that time & later I realized I didn’t do as I’d normally do *face palm* lol

      Are you also a painter?


      1. Oh wow! I’m so absent minded.. I think new followers don’t even register. Looks like I need to learn to some tips from you lol…

        Yep.. Amateur tho…


    1. Only a definite pleasure 💕 it had to top my list. I’m glad it brought it a little joy to you, but no thanks to me lol.

      Thank you for adding the link as well & thank you so much for always filling our hearts with your warmth 💙

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