80 ~ The cup of love ~

⏲️ 11:45 AM 🕐

Thoughts form a gorge

Fingers hasten to the keyboard

Reserve no expectation from creation

It is a pointless drive of frustration.

If some display nonchalant attitudes

Mantain your distance alike parachutes

Our wars have no time for the uncouth.

On an informative basis, when we explain

Some mistrude; “she is” full of complaints

Totally oblivious to the meaning of our claims!

Nevertheless I will not be shunned & ashamed

To exclaim & proclaim:

Breathing is a cherishable treasure from my lord

But also, a 24/7 physically exhausting job.

Against the thoracic wall my heart kicks fast & hard

How doesn’t the skin inside even become scarred?!

Sometimes it remains eerily silent

I marvel at the fact of being existent.

One organ assigned for subsistence plummeting downhill

Its reliant, bosom companion retaining & targeting a kill

None besides you witnesses my body on this level of being ill.

For split seconds I wondered, why is life not clear like black & white?

Then again, despite, few perplexing questions ambling along my mind…

As you decide, likewise you save me from despise & help me resign.

During flare invading nights

Your presence suffices at my side.

During sleepless hours prolonged

Your bond I attempt to make strong.

Your name mended & soothed

Cracked, bleeding wounds.

Your name melted my soul

Causing tears to roll.

Your hand laced mines so tight

Moments I was taken aback by fright.

Urging me to continue forward

For the ultimate award hidden inward.

Your splendor mesmerizes the eye

From earth upto the sky so high.

The cup of your love over spills

A drink of powerade to swim.

This is your letter containing wisdom

Acceptance enhances freedom

To sail with contentment.

These are conversations we share

When devils dare me to despair

A life jacket I wear

And on oath swear;

Universal signs scattered everywhere

Affectionate awakenings in each tear.

Within ourselves

& as trials descend,

He is always there

To help us fare.

So when you feel all alone

Talk to the 1 who owns your soul

Manager of that crushing load.

Divine wine will pour

Sweet intoxication to soar.

As I recline against the pillow

Grateful for a bed to wallow

Captive feelings mellow.

I find writing the best place to dive

Simultaneously sink & survive

Words spontaneously arrive

Encouraging me to thrive.

This particular week has been

Tougher thanusualto breathe

But there is peace out of ease

Stemming down to my beliefs.

True to clues

The nights stillness speaks a unique language

To those who do not perceive it as a bondage

An illustration of Congestive Heart Failure & its 6 companions generosity when they all reach peak

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