88 ~ Online convenience ~


A chronically ill person always needs to save energy.

Online stores are convenient & provide efficient service at the tap of a screen.

Having spoken about the importance of masks for patients with compromised immune resistance

In the previous & following chapter


I purchase Dis-Chems disposable, normal blue ones medics & nurses wear. Any pharmacy should stock it.

Sometimes those become uncomfortable by shifting around too much. In heavily polluted areas the sides of the mask remain open, leaving big gaps for microbes to enter.

After checking different online sites & asking support groups, there is an online store called


They have various types, some of the top sophisticated range in all sorts of colors & patterns.

The parcel requires a bit of time to reach the purchaser because it’s not kept in stock & ordered from the USA.


Description & reviews regarding the masks from them are good. Not their overall service according to Google reviews. I havent experienced a problem yet. My tracking link is being updated & all emails of qeuries replied to. It hasn’t arrived yet so I’m still hanging on the curiosity line to see how reputable they are.

Will post an update again.

These masks are:

✔️ 100% cotton. Washable.

✔️ Included with 2 filters.

✔️ Adjustable strings for best protection.

✔️ To make wearing a mask more fun than it is, the colors & patterns are fun to choose.

💯 Comfort guaranteed.

Up to date I haven’t found another store in SA that offers the same besides Amazon being an international supplier


In terms of medication, Springbok pharmacy based in Alberton is definitely convenient. Sometimes the drivers are a bit impolite & rude but once a complaint is forwarded, service is rectified.

A definite plus is they do COD – cash on delivery so for the older folks who aren’t too clued with technology, it makes life easy.

Prescription medication can be ordered as well.


Discussed previously in the following chapter


As posted in September 2017 I ordered funky emergency bracelets from @ethereal_fashion_boutique 😍 that really helped. The only tiny hiccup experienced was the abbreviated names – if I have it fully in beads, the bracelets becomes too big for my wrists.

Medics don’t understand the abbreviations then there ain’t anyone to speak for me properly when an incident occurs & I’m unable to speak for myself..

So I ordered this one from @icetagssouthafrica which includes my latest confirmed diagnosis of pulmonary edema after being suspected for many months.

The velcro fabric works well, gentle on my skin & adjusts for a bare wrist or on top all the winter layers 👌

A double bonus that works to my convenience is the metal part being attached on top of the fabric. Not touching my skin causing electric-like shock reactions 😍

Ice tags provided pleasant service & courier via Dawn Wing👏👏.

If Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension or others are confirmed I’ll probably be ordering another one.

For ALL the illnesses in total my arms are well decorated 🤣 1 doesn’t suffice.


Takealot definitely tops the list.

Although their free delivery fee has increased, they’ve been of tremendous assistance to me & my family. Being more homebound now due to bipap dependancy.

❓ I’ve heard & often see Wish adverts pop up on my screen. Haven’t purchased from them. If you have, what has your experience been like❓

Kindly share other general beneficial tips, online sites or recommendations that can assist readers & patients. Please spread kindness by leaving a comment.

Sharing is caring.. *wink*

Thank you

2 thoughts on “88 ~ Online convenience ~

  1. Strongs Khadeeja, keep on inspiring us. You are gifted to be different and fight is your destiny. Jihady fighting for the plesure of Almighty. U are one strong young lady. We pray for you and Almighty listen

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Informative post …👌Masha Allah
    Love itt♥

    Dealt with wish couple times, service is relatively good, (4instance-if item goes missing,refunded soon)
    Funny thing tho is, sometimes shipping comes to more than the item itself
    (and shipping is paid for each item tho its one order)

    And it’s a Chinese site, so jus have to bear in mind u paying for the quality

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