90 ~ Grounding – Part 1 ~

When I faced health challenges & endured loss, I had to find ways to stay grounded & learn what really served as my foundation. I needed to find a source of strength when I felt weakest, & find light in the midst of darkness.


On the 21st of September 2017 I submitted an article in response to a chronic post who requested members to share

What keeps us going?

What gives us purpose?

What inspires & motivates us?

At a time I was being tossed around aimlessly like a ball from 1 Dr’s hands to another, yet scored no goals in terms of actual assistance.

A time the appointments became monotonous & baseless

A time I was subjected to endless torments of my sanity being questioned

A time where knowing me – the person I am, my identity & passions dwindled into nothing.

Scientists prove;

Feeling ignored causes the same chemical effects as an injury.

I read the above citation on an online journal sometime back & it stuck with me.

No wonder we tend to feel utterly dejected & burnt out after each failed appointment.

When justified concerns & potentially life threatening issues are dismissed & totally ignored, the unseen damage that occurs is often partially or completely overlooked.

Not many are vigilant enough to perceive these types of invisible injuries & there is no “simply getting over it”.

So those 3 track halting questions could not have been directed at an appropriate juncture.

Retrieve the remainder of you, unearth a new you from the old, & to keep awakening despite stringent circumstances.

Whilst most or all aspects of life may now be controlled & limited due to chronic conditions, utilizing the disabilities & remainding capabilites is a major battle but it also turns pain into power.

Each entitled to their own opinion, but I believing; alike every 1 of us, there is a vast array of me spread out that I perhaps need to grab on stronger – more than just a string list of ailments & an entire booklet of complex medical records.

Yes we’re sick, no denial.

In my opinion it is important for ourselves & others to acknowledge the disease. But people should also abstain from sticking an entire label when referring to us as “oh, the sickly one”.

As if we’re only that.

Carolyn Thomas author of the blog titled: Heart Sisters – shared an important message in her latest post:

Instead of identifying ourselves as “I’m a patient”, try saying, “I’m a ______ (fill in the blanks generously: woman, Mum, sister, daughter, knitter, gardener, reader, writer, bridge player) who happens to be diagnosed with heart disease.”

It reminds us that a diagnosis does not have to define us – which can be hard for a hypervigilant person to believe at the beginning.

The promising news, says Dr. Gilmartin, is that we can actually learn how to become better at becoming emotional survivors – no matter where we are right now.

Rekindling our identities keeps up the fighting spirit and creates a defying will to stay alive.

Please remember, I am not shoving my list down anyone’s throats. I am merely sharing what magically works for me. What uplifts me might not be suitable for you & vice versa. Each condition differs.

Some of what kept me going back at the point this article was written is no longer applicable because my health has drastically plummeted in this 1 year period. Therefore, there are ongoing changes..

To victoriously tackle unabating opponents on chronic battlefields

Soldiers on continual demand require several durable shields

When sharply gashed and stuck in a hellacious rut

Any listed one or few will tend to the wounds and pick us up

A list that assists me to punch with an iron fist:

< ONE >

Faith (conviction), hope & reliance (trust) in the Almighty.

Previously I’d often state: “Health is wealth” but then I paused & thought.

Wait. There is a degree of truth in this phrase but rather alter it a little because it sounds quite poor when flipping the coin over.

If health is only wealth, when health turns into illness, does it then imply the person becomes bankrupt?

Faith would be the foremost wealth bestowed because it provides a solution to every problem & endless equipment + surplus guidelines to deal with any situation.

No boundaries.

No confinement.

No limitation, instead unending rejuvenation.

Unlike transplant success rates etc, there is no chance of “rejection” & denial when illness enters & overtakes its stance whilst faith is the main occupant in that body, transforming it into a lighthouse.

Faith abides within us but can also become completely stagnant without continuous effort.

Hence, levels then swivel low or hit rock bottom & we have no power to arise. Arising itself “appears” void of benefit.

As machines require plug points & electricity to function..

Our phones need to be charged twice a day sometimes, let alone once..

Our cars need to go in to their dealers for routine alignment & service..

If some are of a superior model we only send it to the original manufacturers, lest normal servicing causes damage.

We travel on holidays to recharge our bodies & minds..

Why then do we demonstrate an unfazed attitude to this infinite treasure abiding in our hearts?

How can faith lead us somewhere if it is left unattended?

If it is left to dwindle anyhow?

It also requires servicing & recharging to illuminate supposed darkness

Whilst I beautify my face I should not forget to decorate my faith

Mark these words! When faith is plugged into various sockets daily, no matter the predicament, inwardly you will bounce with life even though your body may be half dying.

You can feel joy whilst people frown expecting you to be sad

You can be laughing whilst others may cry for you

You will be contented. Satisfied.

You will do all your best, then be happy, ultimately, with what is & meant to be.

You will overcome the illogical.

Without it I would’ve perished at the first instance without being spared scope for the future

Without it I could’ve landed into my grave prior to the onset of cardiac diseases..

6 thoughts on “90 ~ Grounding – Part 1 ~

    1. Most certainly not *wink*
      Some find it hard to believe, but I found great empowerment in that 1 statement.

      Jazakillah Khair for the comment & support.
      So glad you did 💙💝

      Was wondering if I didn’t sound like there’s some long lecture typed out here, haha. Necessary to point out the foundation though, followed by excitement of all the recommendations.. Godwilling 👊

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Interesting. My illness never defined me. I have hypothyroidism leading to Hoshimotos. Symptoms showed up at possibly late 20s. Flared up in early 30s
    Undiagnosed till then. And I remember feeling like throwing the towel in. But I guess I’m a crazy person. So I fought hard. Pretended it was a change of life ( which I discovered after I was diagnosed), that my menopause was over ( at 35years). And no one told me. Lol. But we are survivors. اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Subhanallah! Lolllll, really interesting to read anothers experience. Jazakillah Khair for sharing 🌹🌷
      WOW that’s early!!!

      Alhamdulillah, yes we definitely are 👊

      The nature of each one differs.. So I guess accordingly it takes a toll on a person’s body. For instance, up to date, there hasn’t been another case of Dysautonomia that’s caused branches of complications in a matter of not yet 3 years… Congestive heart failure etc for me set in a couple of months later…

      Another *elderly* lady has heart failure, but after mannnny years of a experiencing a rapid heart rate which everyone dismissed… Her case also differs.

      Alhamdulillah our Almighty in his perfect wisdom knows who to test & how 💝
      The illness itself becomes a remedy for spiritual maladies

      Liked by 1 person

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