91 ~ Grounding – Part 2 ~

A reminder once again; these points are applicable for my situation & differ from adult to adult. I am merely sharing not enforcing a list of what helps me fight with an iron fist.

Also, I wish to digress on each point instead of simply stating it with no basis or explanation, hence the division of magical revivals into few parts.

< TWO >

Firstly prayer in the form of conversing

The quest for success

The call for a beggar to enter the court of his sovereigner

One who reigns this kingdom

With full knowledge & wisdom

Disposes with compassion

Beyond man’s comprehension

Prayers fortify my foundation. No matter what life hurls at me, no matter which way I sway, no matter how far I bend, whether parts of me are cut off or I’m shredded into pieces, the roots remain embedded.

By responding to this enticing call, guaranteed, we arise after every fall.

There is always 1 solicited place to flee towards..

The prayer spot, a place for our tears to drop

The prayer spot, a place to let off unwanted lots

The prayer spot, a place to seek help when plans flop

The prayer spot, a place for protection against wicked plots

The prayer spot, a place I request assistance & acceptance for writing this blog…

There is a profound Arabic poem I thought would be great to share.. Here’s the link

And translation:

Say to me why do you not pray? Oh people (nation) blessed with prayer, tell me… [Chorus]

Surely a life without prayer is dead, so pray oh poor one

By the Almighty! What has distracted you from it?

You are preoccupied with insignificant entities which are inevitably going to perish

What excuse is there in your occupation for the one who provides living means?

If only you answered the caller, the world would run behind you

You desire to meet people, from neighbour’s to bosom friends

Yet you stay away from meeting the king of majestic honor and grandeur

Thus you live in worry & grief complaining of a tiresome, loathsome life

Do you claim to live the creator of creation, yet you run away from him, what type of ignorance is this?

You desire paradise without gaining closeness to him?

You fear punishment, but you do not pray?

Indeed! You are a traveler (from this life to the next) without water, provisions or shade

Say to me why? Oh why? Do you not pray?

Why then do you not pray?

Secondly there is prayer in the form of supplication

Elaborated in 2 chapters

https://kayborninmay.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/35-endless-benefits/ ๐Ÿ‘‡

For a cloud of contentment read the link here


And finally to conclude both these forms of spiritual connections I say:

When trials make us a targeted prey, not only then, but more so, should we pray

(1:25 am thoughts ๐Ÿ‘†)


Humble gratitude for a gift that can never be outweighed

๐Ÿ’™ Holy Qur’aan ๐ŸŽ

The eloquent Kalaam of As-Salaam

Comforting speech of the giver of peace

Peace.. Don’t we all seek?

A past chapter pertaining to it ๐Ÿ‘‡


This miraculous unchanged book, cannot just be understood when read or interpreted with normal logic

Expressed in the link here ๐Ÿ‘‡


Each chapter is an ocean that flows with no shore

When this journey exhausts every ounce of me, leaving me inwardly battered, bruised & bleeding, it is your remembrance that renews & spurs my drained body to the forefront of the fighting line.

Oh bosom friend:

You are the best healer & comforter

Your companionship illuminates long, dark, drearied waits

Your words lull me off to sleep when the pain strikes deep

You were & are there for me, when no one else could or can be

Without you, there would be nothing to cling onto

Your words extend countless ropes of hopes

In my life your presence is the essence

You are a savior when there is no one other

If someone is bedridden, you are the best companion.

A few pieces of reminders to myself & former students who read this now or perhaps in the future:

Please remember: The path you pursue, is of misprized value

Traverse with a pure heart seeking no glory of name or fame

Sincere deeds are never in vain

But doing for reputation and fame

Washes hard effort down the drain

As you grow & face different situations.. Some bound to throw you off your heels… This book will help you regain steadiness

As we obtain solace in the sounds of a waterfall cascading, let the words flow off your tongue with a calming effect.. Enjoy the feeling & revel in its delight!

Why? Because only when an ability is withdrawn, do we realise the value of what was possessed.

(Due to the multiple conditions I have, I can only recite few words softly, in slow motion for no longer than 3 minutes. My main method of recital is by looking & following with my mind, hyming along in this manner)

Explained not for pity, only for myself & you to appreciate

So that we do not deviate or taint its sacredness by mixing it with satan’s cunnigness.

In whichever other fields we evolve, ensure this noble book is the first resort, by means of which our forts will always have a solid support…

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