99 ~ Unveiling the unspoken ~

Crestfallen, the appointment concluded

We returned home as evening unfolded

Blazed anger smoked my senses

Thickness obscured the outlook

A devil added his mass of fuel

“That attack should’ve claimed my life, it wouldnt have made a difference anyway, most (in my experiences) are apathetic

Albeit, the will to live stored in my core, concurrently protested at its highest pitch

As I still am

I desire to experience more of the newfound blessings along this course…….

To beat this defeat is a hard task

But with divine aid

I refuse to let it dim my will

And a friends compassionate tone heard from a concise yet extensive message replayed

“Only he knows and only he will guide. Keep faith always sweet Khadija”

As if she had earlier sensed the outcome

(Sometimes a person encourages another, but it comes across as a light dismissal of a weighty issue, or more of a command & does not have a fraction of the intended effect)

I opened Instagram to send a message & this image smacked me in the face

“The most powerful thing you can do right now is to be patient while things are unfolding for you”

In chapter 80 I mentioned

Universal signs scattered everywhere

Affectionate awakenings in each tear.

Within ourselves

& as trials descend,

He is always there

To help us fare.

Via an array of people & things.

If you hadn’t deciphered the code of the first 2 couplets, this is it.

Queries are also often sent in by others dealing with their chronic members or friends:

“Is it possible to make her feel better

“How do I hold my friend or family members hand through such & such a time?”


(Should I compile a list?

Let me know your thoughts!)

In the meantime this one beautiful method co-incides with the topic & illustrates how you can become a God sent mending icon to a melting iron

An idea how to rekindle an extinguished spirit

< Late that night, whatsapp beeps >

Extracted convo 1:

F: I know you must be absolutely exhausted and won’t see this message now, but not a moment passed today that you were not on my mind or in my duaas🤗

F: May the Almighty grant you complete well being, ease, all the strength you need and always be pleased with you💗
I hope that your appointment went fine…

Whenever I felt too drained or exhausted to carry on I thought of…………

K: You were sent to paint a rainbow for me today🌈🌈

F: You don’t know how happy I am to know that you’ve seen my message now!

K: You don’t know how ecstatic I am to read such a lovely message!!!!!!!!

My heart sank & I crushed instantly the dr blamed “me” for the downfall… A lesser blow than beforeBecause I’ve been molded into being rejected.. But of course it still hurts

I thought of how isolated I am in terms of minimum help.. Then my mind immediately went to “…….”

& I reminded myself, it will take time for these feelings to pass…

But once it does i will be grateful I didn’t give up, like how I was assisted to persist those previous times & thereafter experienced the best of happiness

Apt as that quotation – Loves u haven’t loved, lights you haven’t felt etc….

K: This time also, I know more will be sent forth in unimaginable ways

I will never be forsaken & failed by the 1 above even if the rest of the world does

Extracted convo 2:

A: (sends beautiful video of motivation)

K: Oh Lord 😭 you have noooooo idea how much I needed this reminder

K: I needed to hear the reminder that I am not “alone” – in that sense

I am habitual of silently communicating with my creator anywhere, anytime, whatever I feel.

As Prophet Noah & the others (Peace be upon them) expressed their laments..

An example for us.

So just earlier I repeated:

“Its only me & you
No one else can do”

K: The appointment was such a downer

K: But coming to think of it

“Only me & you”

How beautiful doesn’t it feel, let alone sound

A:Eyyy I hope I’m not keeping you up here🙈🙈

K: Nooooo
K: Not at all
K: As exhausted as I am…
K: I can’t sleep
K: Like need to unwind from the whole days……..

A: Sleep with a clear mind = better sleep….

My mind trailed back

Everything was too fresh

I felt those poisonous words being poured

A slow peril to death it could’ve caused

Then I searched & observed this heart pound

The originated reason to continue was found

Split but not quit, I reaffirmed my dispirited pledge

Even if it meant clinging onto a tattered edge

No avoidance of the darkness, but through

I waged a heavy battle to perceive the actual view

Against a mind refuting what the hearts recesses knew

My entire being was made to reel

Nonetheless I toiled with depleted zeal

A tedious travail to detect the inconceivable

Against the vapid sky, twinkled the signal

– I dictated no back up to teach

Your hand should seek my reach

I’ve prevented succor

To hear your voice more –

An enveloping gush of solace

Followed upstream chaos

Churned disappointment

Whirled into enjoyment

I exclaimed: How wonderful?!

& promptly became cheerful

A saga considered painful

Later made me grateful

Submitting to the ultimate control

Patched together every gaped hole

Quicker than imagined I began to heal

From the dolour I was made to feel

The wondrous flame of faith

Stepped afore to extricate.

His presence suffices

He will deliver justice

Who else is better to handle this matter

Other than 1 who possesses total power

“So endure with a beautiful patience”

At an opportune time, there will arrive assistance

For now I’ve flung these grievances aside

And trek the lead onto a mysterious ride

If I clutch onto an extra load of garbage

None but myself will turn into a wreckage

Time is irreplaceable so I let go

Slowly moved on with the flow

Turmoil that once arose high, died

And sought peace again revived

From the storms he has brought

Ask, what am I being taught?

A life changing question

To change our perception

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