109 ~ Volumes of untold fortitude – Part 2 ~

A major reconstructive surgery related to bladder exstrophy.

Not simple as the brief explanation shared here…

Hence, the surgery being scheduled for a time the surgeon is free from other cases to concentrate fully on Abdullah.

It was initially set for January 2017 but emergency cases came in so Abdullah was postponed to a later time.

At that particular time he was very ill battling high fever temperatures..

Again it was postponed so he could gain a few extra kgs of weight or else his body would not manage the impact of the surgery.

When his weight reached – not the perfect but an okay number to work with, my sister happened to faint due to an unstable blood pressure issue.

Torn ligaments, internal bruising, bleeding, swelling, a neck brace & full bed rest for 2 weeks..

She had to undergo treatment for a few months to move her body in first gear before he is called in.

For the final time it was postponed!

However, a delay deemed as yet another major mishap, turned out to be a hidden blessing in disguise!

“After every difficulty, double ease is promised”

(As I’ve repeatedly highlighted these 2 points at various places in the blog)

During the period she was ill & undergoing treatment, the surgeon transfered to another hospital – countless times better.

Amid the intense difficulty of Abdullah undergoing his fourth operation, she was granted ease & additional comfort in the form of another hospital;

After enduring approximately 3 months of “literal hell” during the first two operations at Johannesburg Academic.

Therefore the title of the chapters pertaining to Abdullah / our story in terms of a broader family’s perspective overall

Primarily, there is a clear cut realisation:

All types of hardship that outwardly appear to be a setback

Is in fact, a process of setting us onto a more beneficial track;

Than perceived in our limited portion of fallible intelligence which only enables us to see a short distance.. Unparalleled to a benefactor who destines according to the entire ocean.


Yesterday Abdullah was taken into theatre at 8am

After going in, the surgeon called to inform that it will take longer than the expected duration of +- 4 hours because a bigger operation is required..

He then called again a little while later to inform about certain complications found….

So the surgery had to be placed on hold for another time & an unexpected open bladder surgery was performed.

It was about 2 hours but quite huge. The Dr likened it to a ceaserian section on a little kid.

He is in extreme pain 💔💔💔

And quite anxious about his surroundings, why his there & who will do what next to “hurt” him.

(Since the hernia operation August 2017, he developed a phobia of anything related to hospitals;

In the chapter… https://kayborninmay.wordpress.com/2018/10/18/101-an-ocean-connotation

We tried to convince him an uncle is coming & “it’s Nanas friend” (maternal grandfather) but he already heard my sister & mom discussing its a Dr, so when Dr came.. He refused to budge or greet.

Not that we expect anything less)

They’re administering strong medication and it will take a couple of weeks to heal before deciding on the epispadius.

In a little way, we are relieved this complication detected, was hopefully set right once & for all after being a cause of undue suffering for 3 years;

He battled frequent infections, food sensitivity, diet restrictions, fever, a loss of appetite, vomiting, underweight and always cried from lots of pain.

How??? His tiny body managed to bear it since birth, our creator alone knows & of course granted him the patience to withstand.

Let alone the parents, grandparents, siblings & everyone who plays a collective & active role in extending support to make the situation lighter..

For adults it’s easier because we understand the rewards for being receptive & patient when a decree strikes..

But for a little baby / child, the challenges involved differs on a significant level..

Parents who are full time caregivers

And cannot leave their little brave fighter

Parents who recieve only a few winks of sleep in between

And wonder what will be, from their future dreams

From one operation “thought” done, to another

During a heart wrenching critical juncture:

Unto divine control entrust your affair

And watch how he takes complete care

November is a month also dedicated towards you

The caregivers always at our side

Dedicated, irregardless of the tide

We would never be where we are without all your support endowed by our loving lord……

7 thoughts on “109 ~ Volumes of untold fortitude – Part 2 ~

    1. السلام علیکم و رحمة الله و بركاته

      Aapa جزاك الله خيرا احسن الجزاء for all the support & du’aas.
      I sincerely apologize for being unaware Aapa is someone so senior & having communicated previously as if it were my friend 🙈🙈🙈🙈



      1. مَاشَآء اللّهُ. Even seniors can be friends . And اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه I do have friends of all ages. The youngest being an 8 year old that communicates with me to an 79 year old that sends freshly baked biscuits yo me. اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه.
        Respond as a friend. No respect lost.

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