110 ~ A heavenly crown ~

The poem below was sent in by a caregiver in one of our support groups sourced from another website.

Thought it appropriate to share now due to November being a month attributed towards highlighting the unconditional, selfless sacrifices of our caregivers daily..


Please feel free to share / dedicate it to whomsoever you wish.

No more words are required, since all is encapsulated in this short yet profound poem, titled:


There must be a heavenly crown for each giving soul

Who cares for the sick & disabled, whether young or old

A brilliant symbol that shines forth as a vision of gold

A fitting reward for each unspoken tale never told.

A bejeweled crown of sparkling rhinestones & pearls

To be worn by deserving caregivers in all cultural worlds

Its high time we needy take a heartfelt stand

Show gratitude for each unselfish deed & extended hand.

A crown of blood-colored rubies for those we hold dear

Formed by sleepless nights & prayers we never hear

A fitting reward for caregivers who insisted & provide

Untold comfort & service that helps to keep us alive.

Their enduring presence is a testament of their selfless will

Their living care can’t be equaled by any prescription pill

A golden crown of diamonds, rhinestones, rubies & pearls

To be worn by unpaid cargivers in all cultural worlds.

– Author Unknown

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