112 ~ Pursue your self authenticity ~

Assalaamu alaikum. Hi 👋

It’s been 11 days since a post was published. I’m not neglecting the blog.

Health circumstances have slowed me down drastically. Two bouts of unconsciousness during the past 9 day has taken me a while to recover. Therefore the delay.

Anyways, trying to get my footing steady on track with a few important topics in no particular order..

Here goes

Enjoy the tinge of drama lol 🌸

One question is often posed to me:

“How was the poetry side of you unleashed?”

When commencing the blog I didn’t consider myself a writer, my motive was to desperately raise awareness of medical misconceptions via this rare case of illness, as my instinct, friend & past Dr suggested, which I dismissed until a breaking point was reached.



A point in January arrived where a senior retired pulmonologist declared my state an emergency that required an urgent flight to Cape Town for the best pulmonary expertise.

As explained in previous chapters, the flight did not materialise due to numerous reasons…

One of the main factors ascertained; is my condition being unstable to manage altitude pressure.

During that period I searched for a method to describe my feelings & release the confusion involving such a major decision…

I recall someone saying:

“Taking a flight to Cape Town would be taking a flight to your grave”

Athough it may have been said out of care in a blunt manner, who are we to predict without knowledge or surety?! None of us possess knowledge of the unseen. Had death been ordained, I would’ve passed on at that precise time without a flight.

However, precaution is always required.

So as I sat contemplating over the pros & cons, weighing the good against the bad, whilst praying for clarity & guidance…

Early on a crisp summers morning..

Without the influence of anyone’s opinion, I sat by myself with Mother nature, took the pen, put it onto paper & let my thoughts flow in whichever direction they were meant to go.

Words suddenly rhymed in their own style. I didn’t bother about the couplets being perfect.. I only needed to arrange my jumbled thoughts into a proper perspective & direction

Thus, began the first unplanned “poem”


I always talk often about being receptive to what is now – the circumstances at hand beyond our control, no matter how unpleasant the present may seem

(And I am a living example of this testament)

As the weeks passed & my condition deteriorated stage by stage..

I didn’t render myself incapable, instead, my heart interlinking the lungs reduced my tolerance level of being vocal & mobile..

Being unable to do much in terms of indoor let alone outdoor physical activities besides certain types with my hands…

I was granted the opportunity to pursue a scope & gateway through!

Writing took over & as my mind ran faster – with experiences, thoughts & feelings in place of my legs… Words automatically flowed without searching or imitating anyone.

All praises to my creator for this outlet & gift endowed as a humble reward, provided I was willing to expand my vision.

By tying a blindfold “now everything has come to an end, there is no life to live nor a future ahead”. Our growth is restricted & the possibilities enroute to us are deterred.

If I glance back at my past – childhood & teenage years, I was an avid book reader.

A wise mom formed me into the habit of reading so I would never bore during free time, being the last little sibling alone at home.

I thrived in solitude.

My field to be constructive.

Writing then became a passion as I grew.. I was always attracted to a journal. The fervor to write how certain events played out in my life..

I now realise that I was molded with these intrinsic qualities by divine knowledge, based according to the phases of illnesses that have unfolded.

Tools to help me realign, & live beyond.

This is also how I landed into calligraphy.

Keep in mind;

Others can do & excell at what I cannot.. Let us embrace our individuality, dig to unearth dormant talents, cheer & empower one another whilst surfing along the waves.

I saw this quote & thought, in my personal opinion; I’d replace the term mind with the heart / soul. Because hearts are the core.

The heart is a mirror reflection of all actions.

Writing removes portions of curtains, whereby it allows people a chance to glimpse through the windows of our souls properties.

Having related the above background;

Kindly note: I appreciate my writing being shared so others may benefit..

Provided, it is done with due credit.

Unfortunately I see some writers quotes & images being shared distorted. Either the name is cut off on the original or it is edited onto an image as their own without attribution.

Most of my poems are produced from being unable to speak

So please refrain from theft of work that is not cheap!

Please do not steal the fruits of success sowed with pain. Watered with sweat & bloody tears. Then flourished with the light of earnest prayers.

Writing does not come about quick & easy as it is read.

Behind, is someone who underwent anguish & loss versus benefit..

It is someone’s precious time & effort which most have no idea about.

From early parts of the morning or late hours of the night..

Sacrifice is made, then to have someone grab & claim priceless effort is truly uncivil.

Recently the news & proof of someone simulating my calligraphy font logo has come to the fore.

Please be aware – this is my original logo which will be updated soon & shared with a ©️

Please beware of any other hocus-pocus writer who imitates my logo in a horrendous fashion & kindly bring it to my attention.

For instance, this book

Looking at the 3 below, the style simulated is clearly visible without much scrutiny.

To add substantial proof, it was done after I crafted 3 diary orders, 3 months ago.

Whoever the person is..

Whatever your motives are for doing this..

I am unsure!

Is it because your sense of self esteem is non existent that you choose to stoop so low??

Or are you destroying your own state of peace.. Burning with flames of envy.. Devouring your value

And trying to degrade my little business or crush my mini empire??

Actually I don’t have time to care about your intentions, If you have a mustard seed atom worth of consciousness within you, I can admonish such behavior once & for all by saying:



“with you’re playing…”

Not me.

I only show certain minute aspects of my life.. Yes, you can gauge further but you do not know everything!

My life is not perfect, nor is the next person’s life. This short term phase is not meant to be!

I choose to be content & focus on taking care of my own grass rather than wishing for anothers. What has been alotted for each person is by the best selection.

Comparison leads to ingratitude

“Do not desire that which the Almighty bestowed some of you over some”

“Are they envious of people upon that which the Almighty has granted them from his bounties?”

“Pursue your self authenticity

Don’t be a counterfeit copy”

And last but not least…

As I write

As you write

As we all live

Let us not forget;

Two Angels sitting on our shoulders

Who write

And write

And write


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