114 ~ I gained purpose from diagnoses ~

Assalaamu alaikum / Hi

Respected readers…

Someone is finally back & hopefully more recharged to resume afresh after an unexpected lengthy writing break.

Before beginning posts on different topics & then approaching a particular series…

I thought it might be good to glance back at 2018 & write an overall insight about the years highlights.. Although the lessons are already spread out from chapter 14 to 113…

Here is a brief recap



A year that commenced with a bang

Many times the call from above rang

“Does this branch not appear to be the big PAH”, Dr’s stated

Few months later, test results were concrete and indicated

After a lengthy deliberation, the statement was finally issued

The matter of taking a flight to Cape Town cannot be pursued

Then they mentioned lung clots seem to be a part of the equation

I am patiently awaiting an experienced investigation

Organ tissue infiltrated with water

Signs of the heart becoming weaker

Pulmonary Edema was finally confirmed

After 13 months of my alveolar being submerged

Often i tasted a sip from the cup of death

And learnt how precious is every breath

Eleven months of being bipap dependant

Did not drown me, into an abyss of resentment

If we silence the arguments presented by the mind

Universal treasures, the heart will hear and find

Countless times of being dismissed and rejected

Was a means of becoming amazingly – connected –

Certain moments and periods were aweful

Yet, not long thereafter.. It became beautiful

Some types of pain I underwent were horrendous

Yet, doors opened therefrom that are stupendous

A general principal is; what we want is not always what we need

Submit to the decision of العليم (The All-Knowing) in order to succeed

I swam with strained efforts to understand the purpose

Placed deep below into a complicated set of eleven diagnoses

Then over time, I learnt to embrace and surmount the struggles

Its also not worth wasting limited energy on trivial squabbles

No human can tell the expiry date of my life visa

So I spend the minutes disconnected from drama

I awaken with enthusiasm because life is not a bore

There are different places of interest to explore

I am astounded how multiple debilitating disabilities

Spurred me into an ambit of new opportunities

I had to constantly push through

Until my aspirations were made true

Each person is assigned a different type of battle

Proportionate to the strength within us to handle

Don’t underrate and discredit the wonderful progress you’ve made

Moving on daily regardless of how strenous the challenges weighed

Despite everything, it seems surreal to believe

The goodness my creator helped me to achieve

So much we have done

This far we have come

Indeed we cannot

Give up or stop!

Chronic illnesses grant us no break

But the future has a paradise in wait

Glimpses were shown to us by those who have departed and gone ahead

Sorely missed, now in their remarkable footprints we try our best to tread

I feel fulfilled whilst taking an overview at twenty eighteen

Hardship taught me what does the “world” really mean

My soul diverted, realigned and expanded itself

It became enriched with imperishable “wealth”

I was never bereft of solace

Amid an avalanche of chaos

And I haven’t been stirred with more zest for “home” prior to the time

Of being afflicted with ailments that supposed to make me flatline

Leave corrosive memories behind, in the past

Live from day to day as though it is your last

Tick tock, “take stock”

Chimes the little clock

Every breath is a precious gift

What are we doing with it?

I survived because I am blessed with the priceless bounty of faith

It is a lifeline that enables me to patiently bear and fight this weight

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