122 ~ This earth is only one ~

Assalaamu alaikum / Hi

Respected readers:

I’d like to thank you once again for your time, patience, support & eagerness to always read and learn..

The continuity of topics I had in mind has been interrupted due to unforeseen saddening circumstances.. Kindly bear with the disruption.

On the 16/02/2019 our beloved grandad departed from this transient abode towards his new journey 💔

The last grandparent left on my side 💔

A post will be dedicated towards his great legacy some time in the future as I find courage to let the words flow…

For now, this is a little notice to those of you who’ve been wondering and unaware where I’ve been…

Posts maybe a little inconsistent considering circumstances.. But they will continue, God willing.

Take care

Light & peace 🌷🌹

(A few arabic prayers for the deceased)

2 thoughts on “122 ~ This earth is only one ~

  1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rawjioon
    May Allah swt grant your grandad jannatul firdaus and make it easy upon your family to bear this great loss
    Aameen 🥀

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