126 ~ Patient empowerment ~

(I survived a motor vehicle accident 6 days ago, therefore the delay of posts. Appreciate your patience and enthusiasm.

Details will be related once possible with the intention of presenting some lessons)

Today I introduce you to an amazing lady who is a model of the above quote

A volunteer partner for our @we_fight_dys breakaway

And a lady who coincidentally also has the nickname of Kay..

After seeing the Rare Disease Day ribbons being advertised on a team members status on whatsapp, Kay came forward to offer her support and play a part in carrying it forward wherever we’d like her to do so.

A little about Kay

“I am a Nutritionist & Activist in training.

Please love and support my page!

I love anything nutrition, health or fitness related. I am obssessed with minimalistic styles & am working towards being eco-friendly and spreading the word.
My aim is to bring people the knowledge and information about our lives that we need to & should know.
I aspire to be a part of a community that sheds a little bit of light of hope, that breaks through the darkness helping people to live the life they deserve. A life with health, fitness, happiness and natural things.
I myself am still changing, learning, evolving more and more each & every day. I would love to have as many people as possible on this journey with me towards self-improvement, healthier lifestyle and being responsible for our envirionment.
Thank you for your support”

Kays wonderful initiative focuses on:

Social development


Patient empowerment

It’s titled:


Launched on the 01/03/2019

Her mottos are:

♻️ Reduce

♻️ Reuse

♻️ Recycle

You can find her on the following platforms:

1) YouTube



Link to the video regarding our breakaway

2) Website

Don’t forget to subscribe for life improving content


Here various organizations / community development project’s are also featured


3) Instagram account


I am a person who also happened to become a patient

And therefore working towards patient empowerment

If you haven’t yet read some of the facts we’ve begun explaining regarding the nervous system from basics & how Dysautonomia comes about..

Here is the blog link


And last but not least, to conclude this post; from myself – the medium initiator, team director & developer of @we_fight_dys:

To the entire team & Kay; I’d like to say thank you

Surely, this aspiration would not have come true

Without you being at my side all the way through

Thank you to everyone who stood with us, strong and united to assist the rare community

Thank you to everyone involved in helping us overcome the challenges we face, be it physically, emotionally or by contributing towards the rare disease fund center.

Light, peace & blessings ✨

الحمد لله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات

One thought on “126 ~ Patient empowerment ~

  1. I read the firat paragraph and didn’t realize it was about me. I’m truly grateful for you guys giving me the opportunity for helping abd supporting such a great cause for awareness and change.
    Look forward to working on greater projects and may the group find ease and succes through each part and hurdle. Ameen.

    Liked by 1 person

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