128 ~ Breathe your best – Part 2 ~

SESSION 1 – continued

This is a basic overview about the first set of “exercises”:

1 + 2) Arm stretches –

Sidewards & frontwards – Up, down, slowly.

🔹Begin with sets of 10-20 & increase slowly as resistance builds up.

🔹Once again as I can manage.

3) Leg stretches –

Whilst sitting / laying, flex the legs up & down.

Core stretches

4) Going down on all fours then stretching one leg at a time inwards & outwards.

5) Lay back as low as I can & lift up the posterior in line with the chest.. Hold it in 10 seconds then let go.

⚠️ Here it is best to seek advice & ascertain whether or not it is okay for you to pull the muscles tight inwards whilst holding it up.. This rule may differ from person to person.. I have been refrained due to unstable angina..

Holding in tight, pushing too hard or carrying heavy items etc.. Can lead to a myocardial infarction in my condition.

6) Sit on the edge of a bed & lift the leg straight up as far possible – to get it in line with the hip without help or support from a person or cushion.

7) Laying back as low as I can, keep the arms cross folded across the chest. Then go up & down from reclining to sitting..

🔹Usually this would be done from a (supine) laying flat posture but I cannot sleep flat so I sleep reclining upwards. (Fowlers posture in medical terms)

🔹 Number 7 is quite a challenging one in particular for people with Dysautonomia. The postural change causes extreme dizziness.. So do it slowly & beware of overdoing it.

🔹 I do the floor ones next to a bed so it’s easier incase I feel unwell or about to faint.

🔹 I also do it last at night before sleeping and mid morning before my snooze because it squeezes the energy out of me.. But also enhances better sleep quality & the mind feel refreshed.

8) Breathe through a straw placed in a glass with 10 ml water as this is good for the alveolar to expand & exchange gasses better.

Hydration is vital for efficient breathing but also ensure edema is kept under control.

⚠️ Disclaimer:

I am not telling any patient what they should do. I am merely sharing the “exercise regimen” that has been structured for me. Kindly consult with your health care practitioner before attempting anything.

Here is the Instagram link for the Pulmonary Rehabilitation center in Cape Town, South Africa. They are doing a remarkable job which I salute 🙌


For the love of respiratory is another medical account by professionals.


There’s another informative & inspirational blog I follow by a lady who posts beneficial tips & general respiratory content


That’s a wrap regarding the first session. Please feel free to send in questions or further input.

Until session 2…

Grasp full advantage

Of an undervalued privilege

To Breathe your best

And attain your quest

Create a life that will be a source of benefit in both worlds

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