129 ~ Breathe your best – Part 3 ~

These chapters might not seem “captivating” as the previous chapters that contained incidents & stories..

But because the blog is not for entertainment, rather to share my experiences and knowledge gained, via the oceans I swim to help others swimming upstream as well…

A lot of people do not fully understand why so much emphasis is placed on strengthening the diaphragm – The core.

The article shared below was originally posted by a physiotherapist who also specializes in respiratory therapy.

I thought it necessary to repost so it can be understood why we should work harder (with consulting first) and why I was given the exercises explained in the previous chapter, as mentioned briefly.


Why condition the diaphragm?

When considering an approach to breathwork our view is one that puts mechanical control at the forefront of the approach.

This is because the diaphragm must be strengthened and conditioned to maximize its effectiveness. In fact, this is why we condition all of our tissues to achieve anything beyond minimum function.

All muscular conditioning is to enhance energetic effectiveness when we take on tasks that are outside the spectrum of our normal homeostasis.

Why then do we ignore the diaphragm?

Or try to take shortcuts to the development of a muscle so far reaching in its ability to both enhance our performance or limit our potential?

Here’s a simple idea to illustrate this point:

The diaphragm is the primary muscle that brings oxygen into the body and creates energy. But because it’s a muscle that contracts, it requires some of the energy it brings in.

If the diaphragm is not efficient, when u begin to get low on energy, like any other muscle, it will begin to use less efficient means of fuel.

Furthermore, research has shown that because the diaphragm is necessary to maintain life-giving function, your body will divert blood flow away from your extremities and towards your diaphragm. So you can live.

The diaphragm is not “just” a respiratory muscle. It is responsible for:

🔹45% of the barrier to reflux

🔸A ‘core’ muscle essential for balance and postural control.

🔹The primary pressure regulator of the thorax and assists in force generation at the limbs

🔸Assists gastrointestinal motility

🔹Assists blood flow back to the heart

🔸Helps to promote relaxation

🔹Our primary and most efficient breathing muscle

No wonder problems with the diaphragm cause such widespread issues.

We all better take some time to ponder and thank our diaphragm for all the hard work it does for us every single day 24/7.

Take up the excercise 💪

And be in for a surprise!!!

I reassure you regarding the benefits your body will reap and feel

Then you will gauge why Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a big deal

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