130 ~ Breathe your best – Part 4 ~

~ While in bed at rest ~

Apart from Exertional Dyspnoea which was explained in part 1 & a few previous chapters…

Because this is also with regards to the topic of breathing, I’ve added it on.

Patients with Heart Failure need to know the difference between other types pertaining to shortness of breath:

Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea:

Severe shortness of breath which awakes a person during the night but is also accompanied with wheezing & not relieved by sitting upright.


Breathlessness when bending over, example tying shoes or picking up an item from the floor.

An advanced symptom of Heart Failure discovered in recent years.


Difficulty breathing when lying down.

(This is also caused by Pulmonary Edema)

Relieved by sitting upwards or standing.
The amount of pillows required to sleep in an upright position indicates the severity level of orthopnea.

This position of sleeping fully or semi upright is termed as Fowlers positions:

For me, each night is different according to the amount of edema in my lungs. The last I slept completely flat was a night in the beginning of June 2017.

Lol I’ve forgotten how it feels to sleep like a normal person because my kind of abnormal has become normal.

By means of the bipap machine I am able to sleep in a Semi-Fowler position for which I am extremely grateful. Compared to the initial days of being lost and having no clue to do.

Days where I had to be positioned completely up and sleep like you sit in a chair.

Days where lowering the pillow slightly for a little comfort would make me gasp for air.

In addition to bipap, I use 5 different pillows to ensure the entire back is fully supported and to maintain correct spinal posture while sleeping. This is important to avoid compression & degeneration of the discs ⚠️

Not to mention pain and stiff muscles which are inevitable.

Sleep in my style:

1) A firm board is first placed upright to hold the cushions straight so that they do not slope or sink inwards & spinal posture does not become distorted.

2) A continental cushion over, then creates a soft but firm support.

3) A long scatter pillow is placed at the bottom of the continental cushion to support my lower back equally.

4) Neck cushion is necessary to prevent incorrect upper cervical positioning.

It does not prevent daily muscle stiffness & spasms which triggers migraines lots of times.

But it keeps me comfortable & prevents my face from pushing into the shoulder when sleeping sidewards.

5 ) When sleeping on the right side, another scatter cushion goes between my legs to prevent the back from moving out of alignment.

This is not only good for me but for most people on a general note. Advised by Chiropractioners.
6) When resting backwards I also place a scatter cushion beneath my legs or feet for extra comfort.

There’s no proper rest without any of the first 5.

Amazon has these types which looked interesting with good reviews.

People on a support group with Pulmonary Hypertension and cexisting conditions have found them very comfortable.

And some members from my CHF support group have purchased adjustable beds which works out a better option for them because they’re able to raise their feet & head upwards without an issue of cushions shuffling around….


Here are a few sleeping posture tips to ensure correct spine alignment when sleeping:

Benefits of a pillow between the legs

(Excerpt from a blog)

Hopefully this prompts people to express gratitude for being able to sleep in a normal recumbent or supine position

And provides few guidelines for people who are newly diagnosed with cardiac or cardiopulmonary conditions.

To breathe your best

While in bed at rest

With ease, minimal or no pain ensures a good night’s sleep as well as all the physical and mental energy you need to apply during the day ahead.

Here’s to wishing all fighters gain better days of sleep ahead 💤 💤 💤

A common proverb also goes as: Sleeping early keeps one healthy, wealthy and wise

Sleeping late habitually, lowers the bodys immune resistance & weakens the defence system. It also causes many other issues…

So if you’re able to switch off early at night, don’t delay.


The early morning

Contains blessings

(This is an image I created for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week 2019, where we were encouraged to share how we kick start our mornings as a means of motivation …

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