132 ~ A system of wisdom ~

People question life’s predicaments and tragedies in different ways.

Likewise, I question to ascertain what morals should be derived from such a situation.

However I do not question why has this happened to me at a young age. Why not someone else?

Why don’t I pose that question people often ask me?

~ My lord the Most High

Knows exactly why ~

I need to be where I am even if I’ve gained just a partial realization.

The Almightys system

Contains only wisdom

All the actions we perform in our day to day mode of living according to the prophetic tradition are for one’s own benefit.

If this one system alone contains 💯 % benefit to the human body, how can any event, situation or condition that stems from the same creator be void of benefit to oneself?! Be it in the hereafter if not in this world already.

Of course as human nature, I have my ups and downs as well! But having conviction in this belief allows me to be at peace with myself & the circumstances in my life which I do not have full control over.

Of course as human nature, I have my uod and downs as well

One such instance are my illnesses. I can be in control by medicating and taking treatment towards a certain extent.

What happens thereafter from the effects of the treatment.. Whether it helps or my illnesses continue to progress further.. These matters are not within mans control. I can only pray.

The systems he chooses and uses for events to unfold and for tragedies to occur is with full wisdom.

In our limited fallible human intelligence we will not always be able to comprehend the answers to every questioning situation.

The first quote and name of this chapter came to mind whilst contemplating over the stories of the 50 lives lost in New Zealand. I saw some question why these specific lives had to depart now, many too young and soon.

Imagine the shock of hearing your entire family of three were taken

Or a mom who passed on from a heart attack after being so shaken…

In rivers a combination of crimson blood and briny tears flowed

Thereby cultivating the seeds of love and guidance that were sowed

We gaze at the mosques symbolic golden dome

Where loved ones returned to their ultimate home

Solace is attained from the place it occurred

Devastating loss but martyrdom so revered

We beseech the Almighty to shower guidance

Upon racists who are on a mission of violence

Terrorist attacks anywhere in the world cannot be justified

However, they’re also preordained and so a scholar advised:

“Everywhere people are talking

But how much are we supplicating?”

As the prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم (Peace be upon him) supplicated for those against him:

اللهم اهد قومي فإنهم لا يعلمون

(Oh lord guide my people, for surely they do not know)

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