138 ~ Pain relievers – Part 2/2 ~


TENS unit

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Was recommended to me by someone in the USA when I asked for assistance during major flares. Many people there swear on the relief the TENS machine unit provides. Some cannot live without it.

TENS is thought to disrupt the pain cycle by delivering a non-painful sensation to the skin around the pain site. In essence, TENS modulates the way we process the pain sensations from that area. TENS closes the pain gate, so to speak. (Go Well)

Takealot and other sites in South Africa have as well.

Omron E2 Elite TENS Pain Management

Via https://m.takealot.com/#!product?id=PLID39991972

Photizo Pain Relief LED Light Therapy

I happened to see this by chance and saw it had a 5 star good review so thought to share.


Heat Therapy pillow

This was gifted to me. It can be used for different types of pain.

Adorable and special 😍😍😍


If you know a loved one who has a chronic condition where heating pads or bags help alleviate pain and muscle tension… This is an ideeeeeeeeal gift 🎁



Regular exercise can help to combat pain and improve your overall health. Being active can reduce your blood sugar, which, in turn, can reduce or slow down nerve damage.

Exercise also increases blood flow to your arms and legs and reduces stress. These are all factors that help to reduce discomfort and pain.

Showers / Soaking in a bath tub with salts and oils

For people with uncontrolled allodynia, showers can be their worst nightmare.

But for some the hot water helps to relieve pain. It depends on the person’s condition.

Sometimes I would go in the shower in the middle of the night to get a little relief.


(There are different types that fall under this category)

Here I am referring to the one inserted via a drip.

If you’ve done or are doing Ozone as a proper treatment for a specific chronic illness such as Neuropathy or Dysautonomia, not just to maintain general well-being, please comment regarding your experience.

I tried two of these clinics but the results regarding nerve damage were overrated.

Most people were frank that the Dr reassured them regarding the manner in which they would acquire healing, yet no such “healing / cure” was obtained after completing the entire process which includes stem cell treatment.

However, it also depends which type of ozone treatment is selected.

I’ve had many sessions of ozone injected into my upper cervical area but to no avail. In fact, my condition worsened after the injections. No relief obtained thereafter.

Keep in mind, my experience does not necessarily reflect everyone else. Therefore, I kindly request readers to share their input and knowledge regarding this topic.

The Dr who advised regarding Talbinah & turmeric mentioned that Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is good.

I consulted with a third of these clinics regarding Hyperbaric oxygen but that is an experience to be discussed in another full chapter, God willing.

🔹Other treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic have already been discussed in previous chapters.

Pain varies from condition to individual.

We are affected with Dysautonomia in similar yet different manners. Each of us have our own overriding parts.

What does neuropathic pain feel like??

Described in the beginning chapters




There’s an Instagram account @stopchasingpain by someone who shares general advice, knowledge & tips regarding pain.


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