143 ~ A life changing impact ~



Dearest Kara, DAF & PW team members:

On a memorable day one year ago, I have not forgotten

The incredible words of kindness your team had written

At 11:50 pm – The fifth of April twenty eighteen

I recall staring spellbound at the cellphone screen

An write-up composed with extraordinary thoughtfulness

My soul became elated and overflowed with a surge of happiness

One gesture of love turned my world around

Oh! The strength and determination I found

Your manner of encouragement

Became a significant upliftment

Joyful tears were brought

Many lessons were taught

No amount of words can fully explain

The ambitions it helped me attain

Your names are remembered

For the optimism it anchored

You imprint cherishable trails in lives

The extent of which you do not realise

Please continue doing what you do

Life will not be the same without you.

Respected readers:

Kindness is an underestimated act

With a remarkably life changing impact

It unbinds many agonized souls from a doleful doom of contemplating suicide

In a world full of onslaught, their motivation to live, is thereby multiplied

We cannot count how many lives transfigure

Entirely, by means of one compassionate gesture.

One thought on “143 ~ A life changing impact ~

  1. soooo true. the smallest of gestures can make the world of difference only the person yearning for tht kindness and compassion will understand the impact it has made. in most cases kindness in other forms besides monetary is even more valuable than monetary charity. it goes a long long way more than money can ever go ..if only people can realise this and open their hearts up


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