144 ~ The world is like an ocean ~

إنما الدنيا فناء

ليس لى الدنيا ثبوت

إنما الدنيا كبحر

يحتوي سمكا و حوت

و لقد يكفيك منها

أيها الطالب قوت

و لعمري عن قليل

كل من فيها يموت

فاغتنم وقتك فيها

قبل ما فيها يفوت

قل بخير تجتنيه

أو تحل بالسكوت

Verily the world is finite

The world does not last.

The world is like an ocean

Containing both small and large fish.

Certainly what suffices you of it!

Oh seeker of the world

Is only what is sufficient for survival.

My lifespan is but a short duration

And everything that is in it will vanish.

So take advantage of your time

Before the opportunity passes you by

Say that which is good, It will benefit you

Or ornament yourself with silence

These are the lyrics of an Arabic poem that I somehow felt an inclination to play, while taking a break in between the completion of drafting a few future chapters to be posted next.


Approximately 5 hours later we would be awakened to the shock and sudden demise of my middle sister in laws honorable father 💔💔💔

No illness. Only a chest pain and large breath let out…

Ml Riaz Hassim رحمة الله عليه رحمة واسعة whos own father just passed away on Monday…

Please include the families in your special prayers during this most trying period and difficult journey onwards 🤲

“Remember the ones who have passed on, in your prayer. For if you knew their happiness to recieve it, you would not forget them for a moment.”


As we travel the earth on this winding road

Each mile takes us closer to our final abode

Numerous times don’t we pass by, or visit the graveyard…

Yet, how do some hearts still remain negligent and hard?

(Wrote these couplets 👆 after spending time at our beloved grandfather’s grave)

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