150 ~ One of a kind design ~

Chronic illness often or in most cases, dismantles a person’s sense of self esteem or self worth in various ways due to many reasons:

🔺Being unable to keep up with the rapid “pace” of an able bodied society. Feelings of incompetence.

🔺Constantly being told “nothing is wrong” or you’re a “hypchondriac”. Incorrect misconceptions and biased misdiagnoses causes a person to develop an inferior complex. A perception that because they’re not recieving the help required.. Their life doesn’t hold importance.

🔺When family members or friends show a disinterest in learning about what you’re undergoing.

🔺Environmental factors – Due to being mistreated or mishandled by whomsoever it may be. Verbal or physical assaults.

🔺The stigma and stares associated to people with mobility and survival aids. Such as feeding tubes, wheelchairs, canes, etc..

(If you’ve noticed – I refrain from using the term “patient“, and instead, prefer to replace it with “person“. To remind our warriors, you’re not only an illness, even though so much time goes into meeting the needs of your illness! It is but a part of who you are. Your significance of being an asset to society does not diminish in the least bit)

Due to some of the aforementioned aspects, people with chronic illnesses then begin to view themselves as “useless.” This turns into resentment against their bodies & they sink lower in a dark abyss which causes them to neglect themselves.

It becomes a vicious pattern where self issues induce mental problems and then physiological symptoms manifest or escalate.

Many pose the question:

“Why should we consider ourselves as beings worthy of existing, when we’re often treated otherwise or looked upon as a burden for needing help?”

A person’s treatment towards you is a reflection of who they are. It does not necessarily define your worth as an individual. In fact, it seldom does. They are most likely experiencing their own insecurities, frustration, stress or other issues and require help themselves.

“Certainly we have created man in the best of statures”

– Surah Teen.

“And he fashioned you, thus he beautified your appearances”

– Surah Taghawbun

“Surely the creator is beautiful and he loves beauty!”

– Prophet Muhammad (peace & salutations be upon him)

Why then consider yourself as a creation bereft of worth when your very inception is from one who is beautiful and loves beauty?!

Please remember; worth is not defined by your external appearance.

Worth is not defined by body structure; how much weight you’ve gained due to the side effects of a medication or disease.

Worth is not defined by how thin you are or have become due to gastrointestinal issues.

Yes, I do not refute that weight control is of utmost importance to prevent disease. Our bodies are a trust. Lifestyle practices need to be reviewed. Many people “heal” (not cured) to a large extent, and feel a drastic improvement by being cautious of what enters their mouth because what you put in is what you get out.

But there are endless situations where these type of facets are beyond our control despite leading an overall healthy lifestyle. I fall in this category.

If outer appearance was the foremost criteria to secure success. Why would the external perish while the inner core be transported towards the heavens?

This should rectify the perspective.

Our skin color, bodily shape, hair type, or disability is immaterial.

“Verily, the Almighty does not look towards your appearances and bodies, instead he looks at your hearts and the (nature of) your deeds”

Do not let others opinions destroy or inhibit your true potential.

Media bombardment is a subtle and destructive agent. People develop insecurities because they’re indoctrinated that in order to be accepted, certain standards have to met. If not, you are ridiculed and become an outcast. This leads to emotional and physical health disorders such as Bulimia. I witness these cases again and again.

If someone is taunted for an outward imperfection.. In actual fact, the taunts are being directed towards the designer of the body, not the person. And to tread on such a line is quite dangerous.

How monotonous wouldn’t the earth be, if we were not designed differently.

Healing from experiences / trauma that has caused insecurity takes time. Seek assistance from a psychologist or counselor if need be. People often find themselves quicker by means of additional help and attending motivational workshops.

Caregivers should also consider it an opportunity to be of service to someone who’s value is being raised higher. Please do not use someone’s weak point to victimize. Be it in terms of illness or any other. Adult bullying is a common issue in our communities.

Oh fellow warriors:

Remember, you are being cleansed from sins and your rank is constantly being raised. You’re chosen for this fierce battle to attain a lofty position.

Your prayers are promised to be accepted and healthy people are exhorted to request prayers from you. This is a distinct sign that your being alone, is a lighthouse that radiates with immense goodness.

Can their be anything to make you feel more special other than these accolades awarded by the king of all kings in who’s posession are the treasures of the entire world?!

I’ve lost count how many times I desired something silently, but before praying it was already granted. This is due to the Almighty’s special gaze and mercy upon the ill. Taking into account our behavior towards the illness as well. And it also implies, if the desires I pray for are not being answered in exact accordance to the request, it’s for a significant reason.

Grasp and reap the full benefits of this privelege as well.

Some time back, a dear friend and I had a general discussion about difficulties in life. She mentioned a thought provoking quotation but in a shorter version, so I’ll elaborate a bit more:

Everything in our habitat.. Including flowers, roses, and herbs have to be crushed first in order to extract and utilize the properties within for perfume, medicinal and other purposes.

Aren’t we humans alike?

The next time you find yourself in a crushed or broken circumstance.. Try to ascertain the extraction. What needs to be derived from me in this specific way..?

If I think of 100% pure aromatherapy oils, the price is set higher according to the type of plant and extraction process.

Likewise, to constantly being crushed down by symptoms, people, or difficulties, your value only increases.

Once we realise and take this step towards fortifying our self worth, it will enable the practice of self care and allow us to unleash the full potential placed in our individualities.

Note down your fears, your weaknesses, your strong points. Then work through and solidify them further. Become unapologetic about your self.

Oh strong fighters and winners:

From my heartstrings to yours, this night delivers a little message to remind

Let us abolish old stereotypes and set new records of being defined

Place your hand on your chest and feel that wondrous beat?

Anything accomplished with it in the state of illness is a feat.

You now embody a greater degree of worth

There are reasons you’re still here on earth

Each one of us are designated a place

Which another person cannot replace

Your heart beats with sound and purpose

As to signify; your existence is not worthless

Each one of us are created with a fingerprint

And no two people have the same imprint

You are an origin of beauty

Regardless of a disability


As long as you’re kept alive, there is work waiting for you – to do. So don’t be afraid. Let’s hold hands and keep going.

We matter! We have vibrant voices to share! Sparkling eyes to paint beautiful views! Gentle yet powerful hands to help, mend, and structure! We have it in us to be the change! For the betterment of our chronic community and overall society.

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