151 ~ Nourish – Flourish – Accomplish ~

After working on the process of self worth, we step onto the definition of:

“Take care”

A phrase often uttered out of goodwill and with care when concluding a conversation.

A friend once visited and when leaving she said it in such a meaningful style. After she walked out the thought struck 🗯️

Am I taking care proper care of myself with regards to all aspects of living since we’ve become so immune to hearing it?

“Take care”

Two words with a broad definition.

Once yoy work on redeeming your sense of self worth and reclaiming life after the initial stages of a chronic illness.. You begin to take care of yourself in the complete and true sense.

You nourish this being because you know you’re worth fighting for. There are reasons to live & a purpose to focus on.

Self-care is a necessary part of living a healthy life

What does it entail?

Psych Central breaks it down:

“Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.” It’s also something we enjoy and it isn’t selfish.

It is is necessary for maintaining good mental health.

What’s more, for those suffering from mental health disorders or drug addiction, self-care — including meditation, and exercise — can supplement treatment and help curb depression, anxiety, and, in the case of addiction, relapse.

However, anyone can practice self-care, as it’s good for the mind, body, and soul.
Lets clarify an important point:

Self care is an imperative formula for leading an overall healthier & successful lifestyle.

It does not equate being selfish!

And the implementation goes far beyond just pampering oneself to a treat or spa.

Self care is to set parameters in order to protect your well-being, when a realization dawns that performing some habits or allowing certain things to happen (that can be controlled), is destructive to your mental or physical health.

Moreso, for those of us with chronic illness. In order to use my limited amount of energy on tasks that are priority, I draw boundaries. It breaks during holidays and weekends, but strict adherence has made a positive difference on my physical and mental well-being. I don’t feel displaced with everything in shambles.

No personal space diminishes growth and no boundaries proves detrimental.

Here are some parameters Ive structured:

🔹Following a routine as far as possible.

🔹Sleep and awaken about the same or similar time every day. This spares my body from more turmoil. It doesn’t have to work harder to maintain a balance of homeostasis. It functions better & keeps me less fatigued.

🔹Migraines are spared.

🔹Ensuring I don’t eat the wrong food which is bound to wreck havoc and cause a flare that to keep anything down after, becomes a mission.

🔹Hydrating correctly

🔹Not cheating or skipping meds that are important, but not my lifelines.

🔹Planning weekly tasks carefully. Shower days. Appointment days etc.

🔹Screen time, social media usage.

🔹Filtering the content I follow

🔹Time outside even if for a few minutes of fresh air.

🔹Time of responding to queries.

🔹Unplug when needed in order to refreshen, focus on myself / a difficult circumstance at hand.

🔹Keep your distance from toxic people. Although certain situations are unavoidable. Our response towards it is also a mode of self care and self respect.

🔹Certain people have dictatorship habits. Whenever you meet them, you prepare yourself to recieve unsolicited advice. In the beginning it would vex me but now I let it slide away so as not to let the person gain dominance over my peace.

There are much bigger priorities to focus on and I often battle with time constraints.

🔹Then there’s people who are at conflict with their inner selves & therefore perceive incorrect impressions from others statements. They’re always ready to strike an argument.

On the contrary, people who are at peace with themselves will walk away when they know its not worth engaging further with such a person..

🔹Not to beat myself up for things beyond my control and be apologetic about matters that do not require an apology.

🔹Not to tell myself unkind words because the body takes effect accordingly.

Keep in mind; toxicity in the body is not confined to environmental factors such as air pollution, chemicals and the food we eat.

We can have an outer plan in order but if we do not control our mental state by learning how to deal with the projection of toxic people, thoughts and behaviors, it manifests into physiological issues.

Please seek help if you’re struggling. I reassure it does not make you inferior.

It’s about time we commend people who attend therapy / work towards improving their mental well-being! They should not be stigmatized. In fact they deserve an applaud for being courageous to take up action 👏🙌

🔹As a person who was always on the go, learning to say no was one of the hardest answers I had to start giving.

At first I’d feel bad for postponing a friends meet up, not being able to attend all my nieces and nephews school events, or an outing somewhere with the family…

But trying to please everyone would leave me in a total burnt out and shut down mode afterwards. Exhaustion & pain that would take days and sometimes weeks to recover.

It’s difficult but you will thank yourself for it in the long term.

If your body cannot manage to push further, say no

Train yourself to practice the beneficial concept of Jomo

It will prevent you from hitting onto a knackered low

🔹Visiting limitations so it does not become a sensory & exertion overload.

Those who truly care or have learnt about your condition will not become offended. If they do, filter your circle!

🔹And then last but not least, spoiling myself with something when I feel necessary.

I might have missed out some points 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

However, these are a few concise yet comprehensive tips that have boosted my way of living after illness.

I was able to restore a newfound sense of productivity, freedom, happiness and contentment by implementing a feesable self care plan. Eventually most of it becomes habitual.

Discover your newer self and a broader meaning to life when you begin to:

Nourish – flourish – accomplish

What is your view on self care?

Please join in the conversation. We can all learn from another ✨

Shukran / Thanks for reading

Take care and remember

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