159 ~ A special face we cannot replace ~

A short but heartfelt eulogy in loving memory of my favorite Dr’s companion & partner – A lady, unique as a wife, unique as a daughter, unique as an aunt, unique as a friend. A treasure to those who knew her value.

A loyal friend of mom who always spared time from her busy schedule for a little person like me. Either by coming to visit or sending the most lovely, thoughtful & useful gifts, which I will forever cherish.

(This is one card she sent along with a beautiful travel prayer mat & later on a mini glass jug set)

As you will read below, I equate her personality to the sun because you had to get one glimpse of her, to understand the true & sterling character she possessed that reflected from within her spirit, onto her exterior.

~ Thinking of you ~

A lady who’s exemplary spirit shone

Bringing along the rays of a new dawn

She made the atmosphere bright

And her visits brought us delight


The news of her departure caused our hearts to grieve

What am I hearing?? My mind refused to believe

But my soul is assured she is resting in eternal bliss and peace

Deriving pleasure in the choicest of bounties, never to decrease

Our lives have lost the adornment of her sincere and loving smile

Alas! There wasn’t another chance to behold her charismatic style

Nor an opportunity to say final goodbyes

Remembering her, causes tears to spill from our eyes

The Almighty called her unto him early

For the heavens awaited her presence eagerly

I intended to message but delayed, then without a sign she left

Now I am filled with intense heartbreak and regret

Why or why? Do we tend to put things aside and delay

As if we’re guaranteed there will be another time or day

It feels surreal that she’s out of complete sight

And I wonder when will the time come to reunite?

At night I rest my head against the pillow

And recall the last time I saw your face glow

When and how did you suddenly go?

But as I move through, wave by wave

I clasp onto the memories you gave

There was a time I drowned in despair

And my broken soul you helped to repair

I use your gifts daily, including the tasbeeh, and as I move the beads

I feel comfort knowing you are recieving a share of my little good deeds

It’s impossible to forget someone who left an indelible imprint

Oh angels! I plead, please convey this poem to her in a sprint

Dearest Aunty Sabera, a sorrowful farewell

Until we too, are finally returned home to dwell

On this planet, a shining sun has set

And her void makes our eyelids wet

A fallen rose who’s memorable fragrance will be carried as long as we continue our sojourn…

اللهم اغفر لها و ارحمها و روحها في الجنة

Tell the people whom you hold dear

I appreciate you while you’re still here

2 thoughts on “159 ~ A special face we cannot replace ~

  1. Experiencing this a lot recently. Spoken to people few hours before their demise, has got me on alert now. I’m actually giving them my 💯 attention cos that thought that it may be the last time is hovering like a hammer over my heart.

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  2. Aaah I hear that! The feelings are mutual.. It’s so scary not knowing that very moment could be someone’s last, but also gives u the ability to give them ur all at the moment.. And in the event of anything happening later (Allah forbid), but you have a little extra consolation for the attention you gave…

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