164 ~ Shattered dreams – Epilogue ~

Written at the oceanfrontWhen the seas become darkAnd your surroundings are starkWhen the tides turn icy cold And you can no longer holdWhen boisterous waves crashAnd you tumble with its lashWhen the thunderbolts roarAnd the clouds send a downpourWhen circumstances are bleak And your body has become weakOn cue, your faithful one's will arriveAnd plunge … Continue reading 164 ~ Shattered dreams – Epilogue ~

161 ~ Shattered dreams – Part 7 ~

Important note: If you haven't yet read the previous chapters of shattered dreams, kindly do, so these narratives pertaining to the aftermath of the cardiac catheterization are not misinterpreted. My intention was to do it will full authenticity, not downplaying or sugar-coating the truth. The format involved longer hours of work because it hasn't been … Continue reading 161 ~ Shattered dreams – Part 7 ~