174 ~ The example of a true professional ~

Todays post is a little different from the ordinary. Readers who are on track of my story from the beginning of the blog will by now have understood the process we undergo in pursuit of a diagnosis or medical profesional who can provide us appropriate care.

Since the onset of my illness prior to the initial diagnosis, this is the tally of Dr’s with whom I’ve had experience:

2016 – 7

2017 – 20

2018 – 6

2019 – 2

Which brings it to an estimated total of +- 36. I know I’m probably forgetting some.

There are only 4 who I can still rely on for service and opinions during a time of relevant need.

The final neurologist was brilliant but dissappeared. The recent 2 Dr’s were wonderful but couldn’t link symptoms to a definite diagnosis based on the contradiction of the cath to the evidence of other tests.

The rest, well, they’ve made a mark in my history. I thank them for planting me.

Recently a good, old, hilarious uncle of mines who is always concerned about my well being and trying to find a knowledgeable Dr for me spoke to a family member in my absence. Among a lengthier comment which prompted a little reflection, this is a connected point to the discussion here:

“Ayy but you know, you must tell her maybe she mustn’t write about the Dr’s in ‘that manner.’ Just now they’ll become more biased, give a wrong diagnosis or something…. She must first listen to them and after they speak she must give her input, because if she speaks first.. They’ll become more confused.”

Lol. I had a hearty laugh.

Although he mentioned it half jokingly and half seriously, I thought it’ll be good to clarify a few points which I’ve mentioned previously, but it might be good to reiterate lest someone else thinks that is my aim:

🔹I don’t mention names so as not to degrade anyone. This blog is not a “fighting” platform, nor to explicitly bash people down.

🔹I cannot sugar-coat any experience. If I was mishandled or treated inappropriately, I’m going to write / voice it likewise. If people wanted me to write good about them, isn’t it fair that they should’ve conducted themselves in a “professional” manner?!

🔹The truth is, like it is. As I’ve written. No exegeration. As we know, for some, it is undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow. I deeply respect Dr’s who are humble and willing to learn along with their patient. The ones who admit to the downfalls of the system they’re working in.

🔹We don’t bear any grudges against those who sincerely try to help, but cannot. In fact we appreciate the honesty.

🔹It is our duty to lay complaints against those who question our sanity due to their own illiteracy.

🔹It’s not always easy to dig up the past. It’s not always easy to open the wounds you’ve bandaged. But if we do not bring out the reality beneath, how will the issues be tackled?

🔹And like I was once upon a time, some patients are wandering around in total confusion. By bringing these matters to the fore, their confusion is obliterated. If there wasn’t an ongoing awareness movement, I too would’ve been a lost case.

🔹There are numerous reasons for us to put matters across in a clear-cut manner. But the crux is, do not let anyone deter you from your aim or allow your voice to waver. Those who are not in it, will never fully “get it”. Our motives will always be doubted by a fraction of people, regardless of a pure intent. But I firmly believe, there’s no time to worry about the doubters. Focus on the target ahead and stay firm until the end.

Fighters! I remind you to do whatever it takes

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

In light of having said all the above, I wish to show you a glimmer of hope. To inform you, many professionals are totally committed to their field of profession and go all out the extra mile to help patients without obtaining a huge sum in remuneration.

It is for this reason I share with you a poem regarding a professional who restores my hope in humanity and the medical fraternity when all else tends to seem bleak.

Below are a few words I was asked to write and frame as a gift for a pediatric surgeon about whom I’ve heard only goodness. Someone who doesn’t deal with his patients hurriedly, despite being called in to perform emergency surgeries, some being very rare in nature, such as one in 2 million or 1 in 50 000 type of cases.

This was written specially for a Dr who pledged to the hippocratic oath with full earnesty. Works patiently. Handles his little patients with a lot of wisdom. Always wears a beautiful and welcoming smile. If I were to be under a Dr alike him, these are the words of appreciation I would’ve thought to express.

Based on hearing about his demeanor here goes a brief but comprehensive –

Heartfelt dedication

Dr “……..”

A mere thank you will never be enough

For all your care when times are rough

We truly appreciate everything you do

For being with us the entire way through

We admire the service you always render to our little son

Four years of many complex surgeries, successfully done

It takes a doctor with the likes of your sterling nature

To kindle a bright and lasting hope for our future

The time, patience and dedication you display

Are incredible characteristics we cannot repay

To a surgeon who deserves the strongest of applauds

We pray you are blessed with innumerable rewards

With gratitude

Parents of “……..”

“….” patient

Born “……..”

تقبل الله مني ومنكم

(Kudos to all such Dr’s who lessen the intensity of our challenges and change our lives for the better. We respect, commend and appreciate you wholeheartedly)

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