176 ~ A love story ~

(Drafted 28/09/2019)

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In this post Ive combined together certain couplets that focus on the emotional side, other than endless facts pertaining to cardiac disease, specifically the ones rooting from Dysautonomia. They’ve already been explained and related in various chapters throughout the blog.

All the links are attached below so they’re easily accessible in one format.

First chest pain episode


Chest pain diagnosis – Coronary Artery Spasms




Myth VS truth – experience with a young cardiologist


Erratic heartbeat


Left heart failure – Pulmonary Edema


Consequences of natural calming meds with heart failure


Heart attack – myocardial infarction via Coronary Artery Spasms



NYHA 3 diagnosis


Cardiac pumping device support



Heart attack VS cardiac arrest



Right Ventricular Strain



Blood clots


Partial respiratory failure


Uninvestigated episode



Assumptions of a cardiologist



Incomplete Right Bundle Brunch Block


Transient stroke like attack


Heart failure diagnostic aspects


Pulmonary Hypertension + Right heart failure


Heart failure progression


Partial anomalous venous return


After having spoken at great length in the above posts, there is one point I wish to highlight for world heart day:

Heart disease does not draw distinction between gender or age

This is a false notion from which professionals need to disengage

Drafted 30/09/2019

Be it emotional or physical. Pain defines your purpose. Pain is a means of purification.

Pain offers an opportunity to connect with yourself, with new people globally, but above all, with your creator. Who then provides the means and ability to create a life worth pursuing and pushing through, in spite of the difficulties.

Undoubtedly, there are back-breaking, knackering, crushing moments. Where the heartache and fatigue renders you numb. It drains the life from your soul. No one can escape this process. Life will always be a journey tangled in some sort of pain.

Glad tidings to the patient ones. Who endure and persevere. Amid the pain, you’ll find your moments of feeling animated again

On a day like last week;

Light entered through various cracks

By the stabbing pain of angina attacks

On a day like today;

Light is discovered hours later after I awoke to a morning vigorously coughing up a thick amount of red blood, and dark brown fluid…

On a day like today

Where it seems to be a build up of excess fluid in my lungs causing a “rock like feeling” of pressure ontop of my heart.

I wouldn’t know for sure.

Fear of uncertainty sparks.. But I’ve been graciously handed a manual on how to extinguish it…

On an evening like tonight;

When fears surface, I search around and find Al-Wakeel – the guardian

Protecting me all along, with the illnesses afflicting this myocardium

Even if Dr’s are not, Al-Khabeer – is informed about these different types of chest pain

I find comfort knowing he is fully aware of our challenges associated to cardiac strain


Your beautiful names and words keep the life of my heart upbeat

I obtain strength therefrom to confront and overcome defeat

Solace is never lost because you’re invoked by a weighty number of 99

As long as I affix myself onto these beautiful titles I will always be fine;

So even here while being approached by a future that is totally unknown

I am moving along with Al-Haadi – as my guide and therefore, never alone

While being made to undergo, a sometimes very trying process

I place my reliance in Al-Baseer – The overseer, and let go of stress

He is Al-Malik – the supreme king

Who can solve every single thing

Do not fear the future, for verily! He is with you, he is with me

When he intends something to come about, all he says is “be”

Published 01/10/2019

Had it not been for shattered dreams I wouldn’t have developed a deeper appreciation for his names

Had it not been for this entire journey my negligent heart would not have awakened to life’s real aims

Had I not experienced suffering I would not learn to revere

Nor gain a glimpse of my creators magnanimous grandeur

So with a sense of humbleness I express gratitude to Ar-Rahmaan – the most compassionate

Who led me into an ocean where I discovered a new calling for which I’ve become passionate

A month ago;

I sat on the shoreline and gazed at the extent of the ocean, the way it extends

Herein the midst you will bond with Al-Wadood – One who’s love never ends


While Swimming through the ebb and flow of the waves

She discovered a beautiful love story that never fades

بنصر الله

Take care of your precious heart

Make every day a new start……

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