181 ~ Your care averts despair ~

Our adorable show your care keyrings have arrived 😍😍😍

Please show your support and kindness

To our fighters battling with rare illnesses

Purchase a keyring handmade with deep thought, lots of time, care & love, for only R20. All proceeds are directed towards the set up for the first of a kind Dysautonomia fund trust which is being supervised by the (CEO) Chief Executive Officer of (RDSA) Rare Diseases South Africa.

Our current pick up points;

Benoni (Different areas) :

1) @binti_mahmood_1 – 082 497 3544

2) @kay_born_in_may (Khadeeja Munchi) – 078 553 8251

3) @aaisha_loonat – 073 166 9434

Johannesburg :

📲 H. Patel – 065 224 0919

Durban :

1) @ashleighpater (Ashleigh Paterson) – 082 901 4420

2) F. Vawda – 079 559 2958

The stock hasn’t reached them yet. We’ll send out a notification once it does.

Anyone else interested in selling out in other areas.. Please let us know. Will be most glad to add you in 💙

Every little amount counts & greatly appreciated!

On another note:

Our earnest gratitude goes to @moonlitcalligraphy for ALL her patience in fulfilling this little complicated order. Many hours went into changing colors, designs + fonts.. And we changed the entire layout last minute after the previous one was confirmed.

Thank you for making it more of a breeze and less challenging. We truly appreciate your fantastic service and speedy assistance in giving our initiative a kick start. May your business be filled with abundant blessings!

Please check out her page for your special little personalized gifting. She does foil embossing for an extra touch of shimmer✨

To an onlooker or passerby it may seem to be “one simple” keyring

But people dont realise the amount of joy their support will bring

In the hearts of our fighters its the most “little” gestures that occupy the biggest spaces.

If there’s one lesson we share in common; it’s about appreciating all the little things that tally to so much.

Many are struggling to make ends meet & have to work along with this unseen, unheard & rarely known disability. If there aren’t Dr’s who can educate and assist our people as required, how do we provide “disability evidence” to our employers, managers or colleagues that we can only work part time or maybe not at all, and thus need to apply for disability benefits, which is a challenging process of its own.

Contributing towards the campaign, will help us to forward the facts further regarding Dys matter, mobilize resources, and implement dire changes. Dysautonomia South Africa works under the observation of RDSA. We are an interlinked (NPO) non profit organization, striving to serve humanity.

As the updated profile “About me” states:

“Yours in the spirit of Ubuntu”

Please keep in mind; we are not gaining any monetary profit

Our only aim is to alleviate suffering and be a means of benefit

Kindly donate

To help alleviate

A rather pitiable state…

Thank you!

شكرا جزيلا

جزاك الله خيرا احسن الجزاء

#care4rare #rarediseasessouthafrica #dysautonomiaawareness #Invisibledisabilities #fundraising #everyamountcounts #makeadifference #strongertogether

(The actual colors are slightly altered by camera light in the images below, but they’re alike the original graphic posted in chapter 179)

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