184 ~ Quiz whizz – 4/7 ~

It seemed like the previous challenge spun everyone’s brains 🤭

I knew it’ll be quite tricky yet so important 🙈

The fun is in the trickiness lol.

Answers to challenge 3:

– Motor nerves ❌

Control your limb movements. They perform voluntary work, & are seperate from your autonomic (automatic / involuntary) function.

– Peripheral Neuropathy ✔️

The answer is partially correct, but needs more elaboration because there are 2 specific answers that branch off from Peripheral Neuropathy itself.

So I’ll give the benefit of doubt to the following participants who answered with Peripheral Neuropathy / the Peripheral Nervous system, as well as Somatic Nervous system.

Sister A



Shukran for trying so hard. We truly appreciate your effort & time involved 💙💙💙

Congratulations 🎊 to the winner of the day who categorized the answer for us precisely:


1) Pain, injury, temperature, etc – Small Fiber nerves ✔️

2) Touch, feeling, reflex coordination – Large Fiber nerves ✔️

If followers recall, in May we ran the following campaign 👇

The motive was to make people understand the difference between the types of Peripheral nerve damage – based on my experiences with majority of the neurologists in Gauteng. I realised the lack of skill & misunderstanding Dr’s had of Dys matter, which rendered patients totally confused, lost, & overwhelmed.

This topic requires a lengthier discussion, however I will leave it here at this point in time because once I come to Hospital chronicles in the upcoming chapters, you will be enlightened further. God-willing.

The graphics below capsulate most of the necessary information.

We also discussed pain types, differences between diagnostic methods, and various methods on how to gain some form of relief…

Challenge 4:

These clues haven’t yet been discussed on our public awareness page. But they were explained somewhere… In the beginning of the blog…

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